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Sunday, 2 October 2022

You can be kill to your hunger pangs quickly with in these 7 foods.

You can be kill to your hunger pangs quickly with in these 7 foods.

If you have an a appetite for a more food, review what is on the table! Your diet pan should include some of these foods that curb hunger.

Hunger pangs or a hunger pains is the painful feeling in the upper left side of the abdomen. It is a usually caused when you are hungry. But to your hunger pangs do not always indicate an a empty stomach! Come, let’s talk about a appetite and foods that curb hunger pangs.

There can be a instances where to your abdomen hurts around in the time you usually have to your meal. Hunger pangs can be a associated with to  your routine. You tummy can be hurt right around in the time you routinely have to your meals. Hunger pangs are also to your body’s way of the communicating to a lack of the  nutrients. If you feel a hungry time-to-time, either choose a low-calorie snacks or eat in the right food to keep  your stomach full and mind off food!

7 foods that help you curb hunger pangs are quickly

1. Eggs keep to your stomach full

According to a recent study, eating a eggs for a breakfast every day can be help people feel less hungry and consume a fewer calories at the  lunch and throughout in the day. The results of the study showed that when given an a unlimited lunch buffet, participants who had an a egg-based breakfast ingested much fewer calories than those who had to a breakfast of the crab-rich bagels with in the same number of the calories. The findings confirms earlier research that found dieters who ate eggs for a breakfast as part of a low-calorie diet lost 65 percent more weight and felt more energized than those who ate a bagel breakfasts with in the same number of the  calories and volume.

2. Chicken can be a prevent hunger pangs

More protein can make you feel more satisfied, reduce a hunger hormone levels, and possibly encourage you to eat less at your next meal. In a short study with a 20 healthy people who were overweight or a obese, those who consumed diet foods high in a protein compared to those low in a protein felt more satisfied and had lower levels of the  hunger hormones after a breakfast.

3. Legumes for a whole some  to a meal

Legumes like a lentils, beans, soybeans, and peas are include significant amounts of the plant-based protein and the fib re. They also have to a low energy density. It is suggests that to your calorie intake will be a low even while you consume satiating amounts of the beans. A bowl of the pulses is a highly recommended by the National Institute of the  Nutrition (N I N) for a both dinner and lunch.

4. Fib re-rich oats can be a curb hunger pangs

Oats have to a high concentration of the  soluble and insoluble fib res and have a few calories. Since oats contain beta-glucagon, a soluble fib re, to your stomach will be feel a fuller for a longer period of the time. It makes a sense that one of the healthiest breakfast alternatives includes oats.

5. Fruits to your rescue

According to the  research, soluble fiber-rich low-calorie plant foods like a oranges and grapefruit let us feel filled more quickly and maintain stable blood sugar levels. Better control to over hunger pangs may be result from this. Oranges and grapefruits have in the highest fib re content out of the top 20 fruits and vegetables.

6. Coconut water with a tender coconut

It is a fantastic snack that will be a both satisfy to your hunger and help you burn fat more quickly. Additionally, it is a reduces hunger, which causes to a natural drop in a caloric consumption. Due to the high fib re level of the coconut, it helps increase fullness and keeps you from a overeating.

7. Fish to the reduce appetite

Compared to other protein-rich food products like a eggs, chicken and fish are on the higher side of the Satiety Index. Fish is one of the richest sources of the essential omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fats) that you get from to your food and can help you suppress to your appetite.

The bottom line

Appetite and hunger are typical physiological activities. They are typically provide as a simple indicator that food is a needed and that your body are requires energy.

The food are suggestions provided above can be help to curb to your appetite and hunger when you notice that they are stronger than a usual.

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Saturday, 1 October 2022

Stuck in a fighting loop? Here are 4 effective ways to the end an a argument.

Stuck in a fighting  loop? Here are 4 effective ways to the end an a argument.

Know when to stop and how to the stop when stuck in a loop of the arguments. Here are 4 ways that you can help you put an a end to your arguments.

Arguments are a tiring way of the putting your point across. It is a important to communicate when you are upset with a someone but when they turn into a screaming matches it is a better to put an end to it for the sake of your mental peace. Let’s check out some ways that can help you end an a argument.

Every individual is a different in the way they think and perceive things and hence, it is a very normal for a two people with different opinions to get into an a argument. But these arguments can be a mentally taxing if they are made a habit of, especially if these arguments are with your loved ones.

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When there is a conflict, an a argument can erupt or a escalate and can take to a toll on your mental health. Here are a few ways to the end an argument, as a suggested by a Rich a Vashista, Chief Mental Health are Expert, At Ease, and achieve better mental peace.

How to the end an a argument?

1. Do not criticize in the person

Saying a harsh words to the other person or a always criticizing them will be no doubt lead to an a argument. You need to think before you speak. “During an a argument, criticizing to a person is a different from offering to a critique or voicing a complaint. If you frequently find yourself using a criticism, you can instead try to stick to the situation while having to a conversation or a argument rather than a drawing focus on the person as a whole,” says Vashista.

2. Try to focus on the positives

“Conflicts mostly tend to give a rise to the  contempt. Contempt is a state in which you assume to a position of the  moral superiority over in the other person. You may be treat others with a disrespect, mock them with a sarcasm, ridicule them, call them names, and mimic or a use body language such as a eye-rolling or a scoffing,” says Vashista. She suggests that if you feel to a sense of the contempt, try to pause during an a argument or a conversation and remind to yourself about in the positive qualities of the person in front of you. This helps to reduce in the feeling of the contempt towards in the other individual.

3. Do not get to a defensive

The mental health are expert says, “At times, when we feel a unfairly accused, we look for  a excuses and play in the victim to the avoid taking in the blame. Someone who is a defensive may be try to reverse in the blame in an a attempt to make it the other person’s fault.” She are suggests that during such a situations, try to use a non-defensive response and express acceptance of the responsibility, admission of the fault, and understanding of the others’ perspectives.

4. Silent a treatment is not in the way

Often, arguments lead to an a individual in the argument receiving in the silent treatment. This occurs when one of the individuals withdraws from in the interaction, shuts down, and simply stops responding. “If you feel that you are receiving silent treatment during to a conflict, stop in the discussion and ask in the person to take a break,” says Vashista.

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Friday, 30 September 2022

6 crucial birth control questions you must be ask to your doctor without a feeling shy.

6 crucial birth control questions you must be ask to your doctor without a feeling shy.

Contraception is your best bet to the  prevent pregnancy! Here are some birth control-related questions you must be ask to your doctor for a safety.

There are various birth a control methods available on the block in a today’s time. These are being increasingly used by a women all across in the globe. Contrary to the popular belief, contraceptive methods are not just used to the avoid an a unwanted in a pregnancy, but it is also a used by women who suffer from a conditions such as a Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (P C O S) to manage symptoms and regulate in their menstrual cycles. Moreover, some contraceptive methods are also used to the prevent sexually transmitted diseases to a certain extent. If you are confused about the birth control method you should use or why one is better than another, head to a doctor!

There are some common set of the FAQs that are experts receive around how to the prevent pregnancy.

1. Which birth control method is a best suited for you?

With a medical science having a progressed tremendously over in the last few decades, there are many options with a regards to the contraception available in the market. Your doctor will be able to choose the best possible method for you after factoring in your age, lifestyle, health, family history etc. for you to make an a informed decision that is a best suited to your body type.

2. Should you go for a hormonal or a non-hormonal contraception?

Non-hormonal birth control methods do not impact to your hormones in any way. This method usually includes various contraceptive methods such as a usage of the condoms, copper I U D s, spermicides or a gels. Hormonal methods usually consist of the injections, pills, vaginal rings or a skin patches.

Both hormonal and non-hormonal contraception have in their pros and cons which need to be a discussed carefully with your doctor. Hormonal methods usually restrict in the ovaries to the  release eggs to the  avoid an a unwanted pregnancy.

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3. Will be  an a existing medication impact contraception?

You need to the discuss in a detail about any medicine that you have been a taking regularly or a otherwise with your doctor. This is so that it does not interfere with your contraception, either to make the latter less effective or a produce any unwarranted side effects.

4. How soon can you see in the effects after starting contraception?

Based on the contraception method that you can  choose, to your doctor will be able to the properly advise you upon the time it take for the results to show. For a instance, in case of pills or a injections, the effects will be depend on the exact time during to your cycle you started taking them. Even a Hormonal IUD is a effective for a seven days post insertion and not beyond that. You should also know about side effects of the IUD for a contraception.

5. When should you stop taking birth control pills when planning in a pregnancy?

In a case you have been a taking birth control pills for a some time and you now want to stop taking them because you are planning to the start a family, it is advisable to the  consult your doctor regarding the same. This is because, it could be possible that you might be a taking birth control pills because your cycles were irregular in the first place. In such a case, in the problem might return once you stop taking contraceptives. Only a doctor will be able to the properly based on your situation.

6. Will a contraceptive safeguard you against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

A gynecologist will be able to the clearly state in the safety precautions associated with your health when it comes to the contraception. Usually, hormonal methods cannot combat any a sexually transmitted diseases because it obviously does not act as a barrier to any infection or a virus that enters to your body. Condoms and U I D s can be still help you prevent S T I/S T D s as they physically prevent any foreign substances to the  enter your vagina.

The last word

It is best to the carefully study in the pros and cons associated with a each birth control method so that implementing one does not show adversely impact to your body. Hence, before starting one, it is advised to the properly consult to your doctor based on your reasoning to the start using one. Feel free to the bombard to your doctor with a any questions that you have a regarding in the same, and remember that no question that you ask to a doctor is a dumb one.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

Colo-rectal cancer: Know in the 9 tests used to the diagnose it.

Colo-rectal cancer: Know in the 9 tests used to the diagnose it.

Colo-rectal cancer or a colon cancer changes and grows out of the control. Along with a physical examination, here are 9 tests that may be used to the diagnose it.

Cancer of the colon begins in the large intestine when the healthy cells grow out of the control and form a mass called a tumor. The tumor can be a benign or cancerous. Since in the latter is a malignant, spreads to other parts of the body while in the benign one does grow but will not spread. These changes usually develop over in the years and can be a triggered by both genetic and environmental in a factors. However, at times, in the changes can be occur in a matter of the months or few years if a person has an a uncommon inherited syndrome.

What are the early warning signs of the colon cancer?

Colo-rectal cancer usually has no symptoms in the early stages of the disease and for in this reason, in the condition can go undetected. When symptoms do appear, they are likely to the vary in a different individuals depending on the location and size of the tumor in the large intestine.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of the colon cancer include change in your bowel habits, blood in your stool, abdominal discomfort, weakness or a fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. While there are multiple tests for a diagnosing in the condition, your doctor may be choose a particular diagnostic test based on the certain factors like, type of the cancer, signs and symptoms, medical and the family history, age and overall health, etc.

Let’s learn more about in the different diagnostic tests for a correctional cancer:

1. Colonoscopy test

Colonoscopy is a test which allows to a complete view of the inside of the entire rectum and colon while to a patient is a sedated. If a patient is found to be a suffering from a collector cancer, until the tumor is a surgically removed, a complete diagnosis that are accurately describes  in the location and spread of the cancer may not be a possible.

2. Biopsy test

A biopsy is the only test to make a definite diagnosis of the correctional cancer. It involves removal of a small amount of the tissue for a microscopic examination. It may either be a performed during to a colonoscopy or may be done on any tissue removed during a surgery. A CT scan or an a ultrasound may be sometimes be used to the help perform to a needle biopsy.

3. Biomarker testing

Biomarker testing, also called as a molecular testing of the tumor may be a recommended on a tumor sample to the identify specific genes, proteins, and other factors unique to the tumor. Results of these tests may be a helpful to the  determine to your treatment in a options.

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4. Blood test

Colo-rectal cancer often results in a bleeding into the large intestine or a rectum. Due to this, patients with in the condition may become anemic. Blood tests are involve testing in the number of the red blood cells in the blood and this can indicate that bleeding may be a occurring. Carcinogenicity antigen (C E A) test is a form of the blood test that detects in the levels of a protein called a carcinogenicity antigen and high levels of this protein indicates the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. However, it is not used as a screening test for a correctional cancer, rather it is useful for a patients undergoing treatment for the condition.

5. Computed tomography (CT) scan

Computed tomography (CT) scan uses a X-rays to take a pictures of the inside of your body from a different angles. A computer then combines these pictures to show any a abnormal tumors. It can be used to measure in the size of the tumor as well. The scan often a performed prior to the surgery scan can check for the spread of cancer to the lungs, liver, and other organs.

6. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) makes use of the magnetic fields, to the produce detailed images of the body. The imaging test can be used to the  measure the tumor’s size and is a considered best to find where the correctional cancer has a grown.

7. Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses to a sound waves to find in the spread of the cancer and is commonly used to find how deeply rectal cancer has grown and can be used to help plan treatment. However, it is not an a accurate test to the detect cancer that has a spread beyond in the pelvis or to nearby a lymph nodes.

8. Chest x-ray

Chest x-ray can help to find out if the cancer has spread to the lungs.

9. Positron emission tomography (PET)

Positron emission tomography (PET) or PET-CT scan combines to a CT scan and PET scan. PET scans are used in a specific situations and are not meant for all patients are suffering from a correctional cancer.

Is a colon cancer easily preventable?

Some of the lifestyle changes that you can do to the reduce your risk of the colon cancer include maintaining a healthy weight, staying away from a smoking and drinking alcohol, and making sure to the exercise at least 30 minutes on most days. Besides, eat a variety of the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as they contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which help in the body ward off diseases and may be play a role in the prevention of the  cancer.

Treatment for a colon cancer

For a some with an a  increased risk of the correctional cancer, it is best to the discuss with your healthcare provider to the determine whether preventive medications are safe for you. There are some medications that are found to the reduce in the risk of the precancerous polyps or a colon cancer and some evidence links to a reduced risk of the polyps and colon cancer to the regular use of the drugs like a aspirin. However, these options are reserved for those with a high risk of the colon cancer and not the ones with a low to average risk of the disease.

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Monday, 12 September 2022

Travelling with a newborn? A doctor explains this things to take care of.

Travelling with a newborn? A doctor explains this things to take care of.

COVID-19 is still there, and now monkey pox is as well. So, if you are travelling with a baby, keep in these tips in a mind.

There is no denying that COVID-19 has a irreversibly changed some of the most important life events. After a over two and a half years of the pandemic life, when the cases are decreasing, we are all eager to the return to more of our normal activities. For a many families, in this includes travelling, especially around in the holidays. But is a traveling with a baby when a COVID-19 is still going on safe?

6 things to take care of if you are travelling by a flight:

1. Make a advance reservations

To make a reservations are easier, try to book earlier and, if at all possible, keep your travel dates open. The most important thing to be a sure of, especially when flying with a infants, is that the airline has enough vacant seats. It would seem rational to book far in a advance in a order to acquire in the best seats at the most affordable rates.

2. Reserve seats in the front row

With a newborn, they are more pricey, but well worth it. You will have  a more room for your legs and be far enough away from other people to be a secure. You have the option to the board last and depart first.

3. Carry clear bags for all the loose objects

Baby are supplies, including bottles, bibs, burp cloths, diapers, outfits, and other items, should all be a stored in a zip locks of the different sizes so you can be easily retrieve what you need. In this manner, in the contents of your basics are still protected even if anything from the outside, such as a passports, paperwork, or meal trays, comes into a contact with them.

4. Use a baby carrier instead of the  bulky strollers

As a result of the carrier’s attachment to your shoulders, your baby is kept close to you while a minimizing contact with a  everyday objects.

5. Take care of the baby’s ears

The middle ear pressure fluctuates momentarily as a result of the change in a cabin pressure during a flying. Earaches may be a result from this. Offer to your infant breasts, a bottle, or a pacifier to the suck on a during takeoff and the early descent to ease the irritation in their ears. To the ensure that your infant is a hungry during in these times, try timing feedings.

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6. Restrict touching a anywhere

If your infant is a content and at ease in their infant carrier car seat, think about booking to a seat on the flight so you can be a utilize it. In such a circumstances, it is a simpler to the travel with a smaller baby. In a particular, if they are not yet putting items in their mouths, you are better able to the restrict what they come into  a contact with.

Things to take care of the while you are on a road journey:

1. Cut to your stops shorter

The more you stop, in the more you will be come into a contact with a individuals and possibly gain greater exposure. So, prepare meals to the last you through in the day and pack trash bags and diaper pails for a changes on the road. Talk to your driving companion and come up with a strategy that works for you. Some new parents who have a completed in this trip have a simply stopped for a petrol and toilet breaks.

2. Pack to your meals and baby supplies beforehand

Even when there is a worldwide pandemic, babies are frequently do not arrive according to the plan. Try to  the prepare to your road trip supplies as early as you can so that you can go as soon as you are discharged and avoid exposure from a having to buy everything at once.

3. Set to a schedule

Together with your driving buddy, make  to a schedule in a advance. How long will each driver be on the road at once? Remember that babies normally need to be a fed every few hours, and that your child will be also need to be a comforted and changed on a regular basis (or a more). Although having to stop so often can be a annoying, keep in mind that your child’s safety is of the utmost importance.

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You should keep to a schedule in a mind while you prepare for your trip. If you must spend in the night someplace, look for a comparable rental with a little to no interaction with other guests. Of course, once you get there, sanitize that area before you do anything else.

Do not succumb to the temptation of the giving your child an a OTC sleep aid like a methamphetamine (Balladry, etc.) to induce sleep while a traveling. It is not advised to the engage in the practice, and occasionally, in the drug may be have the opposite effect.


Everyone has been a impacted by a COVID-19, and the pandemic has been a tough for families. It makes sense to have in the need to the travel. Just keep in a mind that the pandemic is still ongoing, so it is a crucial to weigh in the dangers and reduce them.

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Sunday, 11 September 2022

10 symptoms of the rising blood sugar levels, and ways to the control it.

10 symptoms of the rising blood sugar levels, and ways to the  control it.

Hyperglycemia is a condition that is seen in  a diabetics, in which the blood sugar level becomes very high. It can be a injurious to the health. Know how to the deal with in this situation.

Diabetes is a increasingly becoming to a common problem because of what our lifestyle has become. There is an a phenomenal increase in our intake of the junk food and decrease in our physical activity which in no way is a healthy lifestyle. People who are suffer from a diabetes need to be a extra careful about in their health. But when in the diabetics do not make a changes in their diet and lifestyle, they are worsening in their condition which can be lead to a condition like a hyperglycemia. This condition, leads to your body to the produce less amount of the insulin due to which many health hazards can be happen. That is why it is a important that you know everything about what are causes hyperglycemia and what can we do to the control or a prevent hyperglycemia.

Understand in the use of the insulin

Insulin is the hormone which are regulates in the amount of the glucose in the blood. The lack of the insulin causes in a diabetes. If the amount of the  insulin in the body is a low, then glucose and sugar cannot dissolve well in the blood due to which in the blood sugar level becomes high. This problem is  a mostly seen in a diabetic patients when they are constantly neglect in their health.

These are the 10 symptoms to look out for if your blood sugar level are increases

A study are published by the Cleveland Clinic described in the symptoms of the hyperglycemia, that is, in the symptoms seen when in the blood sugar level in the body is a increased. If you also have a diabetes, consult to a doctor as soon as you see such a symptoms without a waiting.

1. Feeling a tired and restless without a participating in a physical activities.

2. Difficulty in a breathing and feeling a nervous.

3. Feeling  a irritable.

4. The problem of  the frequent urination.

5. Feeling a thirsty after a short intervals.

6. Feeling like you want to the  throw up.

7. Infection and allergy, as well as in their long-term persistence.

8. Having to a urinary infection and itching.

9. Weak a eyesight and blurred vision.

10. Sudden in a  weight loss.

What are causes hyperglycemia in a diabetics?

1. When to  your body is not able to the use a natural insulin effectively.

2. When to your body is unable to balance in the amount of the carbohydrates induced in the body through a insulin. This also a creates a possibility of  the hyperglycemia.

3. When to your diabetes medicine and other insulin doses are not able to  the control your blood sugar level.

4. If you have a diabetes and you are not a physically active, then this condition can be arise.

5. Emotional and the mental stress can also a cause you problems.

6. Due to the physical stress such as a cold and cough, flu, infection, there is a possibility of  the developing hyperglycemia.

7. When you are taking a steroids for a any other health condition.

8. If you are pregnant, in this condition can be also a arise due to the having gestational diabetes.

1. Feeling a tired and restless without a participating in a physical activities.

2. Difficulty in a breathing and feeling a nervous.

3. Feeling in a  irritable.

4. The problem of  the frequent urination.

5. Feeling a thirsty after short intervals.

6. Feeling like you want to the throw up.

7. Infection and allergy, as well as in their long-term persistence.

8. Having to a urinary infection and itching.

9. Weak a eyesight and blurred vision.

10. Sudden in a weight loss.

What  are causes hyperglycemia in a diabetics?

1. When to your body is not able to use a natural insulin effectively.

2. When to your body is a unable to balance in the amount of the carbohydrates induced in the body through a insulin. This also a creates to a possibility of the  hyperglycemia.

3. When to your diabetes medicine and other insulin doses are not able to the control your blood sugar level.

4. If you have a diabetes and you are not a physically active, then this condition can be a arise.

5. Emotional and mental stress can be also cause you problems.

6. Due to the physical stress such as a cold and cough, flu, infection, there is a possibility of the developing hyperglycemia.

7. When you are taking a steroids for a any other health condition.

8. If you are pregnant, in this condition can also a arise due to the  having a gestational diabetes.

Here are the ways to the avoid hyperglycemia:

In the study by a Cleveland Clinic, some important and effective measures to the  avoid in this problem have been a described. If you want to the avoid in this situation, definitely remember in these 5 things:

1. Participate in a physical activities:

You need to make sure that you are physically active throughout in the day. If the door bell rings, you should be in the first one to make a run for it. Make it a habit to the exercise regularly and participate in a yoga sessions. It keeps to your blood sugar level under control, and reduces in the chances of the developing conditions like a hyperglycemia.

2. Keep to your eating habits balanced:

It is a very important to have a healthy diet. Also, you need to be a well informed about in  the diet that is a suitable for a diabetics. Along with this, prepare a diabetes meal plan by a taking advice from a doctor.

3. Maintain to a healthy weight:

Maintaining to a healthy weight is a very important to the  avoid such a situation. For in this, it is a very important to have a balanced diet and be a physically active.

4. Do not smoke:

To maintain in the blood sugar levels and prevent conditions like a hyperglycemia, you need to say no to smoking. If you do not smoke, that is a great! But if you have a habit of the smoking then it is a advisable to the  quit immediately.

5. Limit to your intake of the alcohol:

Alcohol increases in the amount of  the blood sugar level in your body. Along with this, it can also be in the reason for  a low blood sugar level. Therefore, consume alcohol only in a limited amount or a occasionally. It would be best if you could stop drinking it all together.

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Saturday, 10 September 2022

P C O S Awareness: Beauty queen Di-vita Ray shares tips to manage in the hormonal disorder.

P C O S Awareness: Beauty queen Di-vita Ray shares tips to manage in the hormonal disorder.

P C O S Awareness Month: Miss Diva Universe on 2022 Di-vita Ray has a revealed she suffers from the condition and shares tips for a every woman.

Each year in a September, in the world observes the P C O S Awareness Month, an a event dedicated to the increase awareness, education and advocacy of the poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. A hormonal disorder, it is a characterized by a spike androgen levels, menstrual irregularities, and/or a small ovarian cysts, which may be a  hamper fertility among women. A lot of women suffer from a P C O S, but only a handful may be a actually aware of its symptoms. Over in the past few years, some popular celebrities have a started opening up about in  the battles with a P C O S, giving a fillip to a conversations around in  the condition. The latest celebrity to the reveal her P C O S fight is the newly-crowned Miss Diva Universe on  2022 Di-vita Ray.

Miss Diva Universe on 2022 Di-vita Ray reveals she suffers from a P C O S

In an a exclusive Health Shots interview, Di-vita opened up about a suffering from a P C O S. Pointing out rough a estimates that 1 out 5 women are facing this health issue, she underlined in the importance of the right lifestyle to the manage P C O S.

While she shared her 3 top tips to the  deal with a P C O S, Di-vita also a asserted that women must be accept that “it is okay to go through these things”. But what is important is to talk about it.

“It brings in a community of  the women together and say, ‘It is okay for you to have in these problems. We are also here facing in the same things, but together we can resolve this problem and get help!”

That is the reason why even a Di-vita shared some simple ways to manage symptoms of the P C O S. It is otherwise not a health condition that can be a permanently cured.

Di-vita Ray shares 3 tips to manage P C O S 

1. Reduce stress

“It is a important to not be a under stress. Meditation really helps me,” in the 24-year-old Karnataka-born girl tells Health in a Shots. Indulging in a deep breathing exercises early in the morning and simply taking to a few minutes to the calm herself with a “good thoughts and intentions” really works for her. “If you have a positive thoughts, good things will be naturally happen to you in life,” she adds.

2. Fitness

“When I exercise, I really feel a recharged and refreshed to take on each day,” says Di-vita, for whom sports has been an a integral part of her growing up years.

She has run a half marathon, but hopes to run in the full marathon someday with the right training! As a school-goer, she was also a involved in other sports.

Di-vita shares, “When I was a younger and because I was a tall, I was a pushed into a basketball. I really enjoyed it. After a basketball, I also took up badminton and swimming.”

She believes sports and fitness bring to  a world of difference to a person’s life.

“Sports really are inculcates values of the consistency, discipline and the team spirit, and I think every child should experience sports early in their life,” she adds.

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3. Healthy diet

Eat a simple, eat healthy is a  Di-vita Ray's P C O S diet mantra. “Honestly, I cannot do diets! The more you restrict yourself, in the more you are not able to the perform your best. You end up craving something more. It is a important to the exercise regularly, to eat a healthy and to not put that unnecessary pressure on your body,” she says.

As someone who believes in a holistic approach to the health and wellness, she is all for a “ghar ka khaana – dal-chawal, sabzi, roti”, and a mix of the exercise.

Her pro tip to anyone who wants to be a physically and mentally fit?

“Do not restrict yourself. If you want to have a chocolate, have it! It is okay. Do not push yourself unnecessarily. Enjoy life… Food is there to nourish you and you must be exercise to the feel fresh. Being mentally fit is also a important. If you are mentally fit, everything else is a by-product of that!”

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