Important announcement in the budget: Benefit to the daughters of the first two children in the family: are Rs. 2000 will be a given at the time of the admission in the first standard.


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Our government is a committed to the integrated development of the women, children, adolescents and the expectant mothers. Through a  Integrated Child Development in a  Scheme, 58.09 Anganwadi Centers are provide a supplementary nutrition and the health education to the  53 lakh beneficiaries.


In a order to increase the birth rate of the  daughters, strengthen in their sociology-economic in a status, reduce a drop out rate in a education as well as a curb child marriage in a practice, I am announcing in  the implementation of a new scheme of our sensitive government Wahali Dikari Yojana in which daughters Under in this dear daughter in a scheme, at the time of the admission in the first standard of the daughter, Rs. 2000 When you come in a 9th standard, you will be a given another Rs. 2000 and when that daughter are reaches in  the age of the  18, you will be a given Rs. 1 lakh.


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The Wahali Dikari Yojana will be a help prevent female fetid. Girls' education will be a promoted and when the daughter becomes an a adult, a large amount of the money will be a given for a higher education and her marriage. For in this new scheme Rs. 12 crore in a provision.


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When in the daughter enters in the first standard, she will be a given, 4000, after which when in the daughter enters the 9th standard, Rs. 6000 will be a given by the government. And when the daughter turns a 18, the state government will be  give a 1 1 lakh. Now who will be get the benefit of this scheme? Poor-middle class families who have a daughter will be get this, but only if their family income is a less than Rs 2 lakh.


Who will be a  benefit from in  this scheme? The poor, middle class will be see the biggest benefit of this scheme as a most of them do not a educate in their daughter so that they will be a educated for a financial gain, besides in the amount that will be a  come in a 18 years will be also work for in their daughters' marriage, or a more.


Work will be  also come for a further education. When will the scheme are start? The government and the officials say that this scheme will be a implemented in this year.



If this benefit continues to be a received in this year, more than a 70% of the families in a Gujarat will be  get in this benefit.