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Monday, 31 August 2020

Download NetVelocity App For Measure Your Internet Speed

Download NetVelocity App For Measure Your Internet Speed


The Points of NetVelocity

NetVelocity is a multi-use mobile diligence that enables users to test, measure, contrast and let somebody in on their association concert - anytime, anywhere.

Speed Test

Perform fly tests to acquire real-time insight into your carrier’s performance.

Campaigns & effort Orders

Allows endeavor users to handle task, calculate in-building coverage, conduct live handle test.


Aggregates and analyzes client opinion based on actions and consumer feedback.


Synchronize associates of the end-user through Facebook. Allows new users to obtain and give a positive response requests.

Engineering mode

Advanced skin for measuring meet people thing & act optimization & tuning.

IP tools


Download New velocity Android App From Here

Execution of association Diagnostic guidelines like Traceroute, Ping, DNS Lookup & docks Scanner.

RF Information

Allows consumer to undoubtedly screen added LTE parameters, i.e. group info, TAC, RF KPIs, next cells and allocation cubicle information.

Device Information

Capture piece of equipment particular KPIs, set performance, fever and system facts like chipset, figure & OS version.

Network Test

With a specific click, stage fundraiser analyze by pre-defined coverage suffering sequence.

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