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Saturday, 22 August 2020

Gujarat PUC New rate 2020

Gujarat PUC New rate 2020

There are reports that the Gujarat Department of Transport has extended the pace of PUC. PUC rates for bicycles, three-wheelers and four-wheelers were extended by Rs 10. 

Various decisions have been taken by the Gujarat government considering a genuine worry for the inhabitants. So a couple of rules are being changed. By then Gujarat government has extended the pace of PUC of vehicles. The pace of PUC accreditation of a wide scope of vehicles has been extended. The paces of PUC have been extended for bicycles, three wheelers, light motor vehicles and medium and overpowering vehicles

In which the pace of bicycle (pouted) has been extended from 20 to 30.

Rates for three-wheelers have been extended from 25 to 60

The pace of light motor vehicle (four wheeler oil) has been extended from 50 to 80


Rates for medium and significant vehicles (checking transport vehicles including diesel vehicles) extended from Rs 60 to Rs 100

Beginning now and into the not so distant, the rates have been fixed at Rs 30 for bicycles, Rs 60 for three wheelers and Rs 80 for four wheeler light vehicles and Rs 100 for overpowering and four wheelers.

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