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Monday, 31 August 2020

The description of Hi Translate HI Translate: Online Language Translator

The description of Hi Translate HI Translate: Online Language Translator

Hi Translate is a free language translator for 88 languages, together with Hindi rendition to English, English to marathi transformation etc. acknowledged as online translator, goodbye explain is remote extra strong than I beg your pardon? you know. see you later interpret know how to submit an application to practically any applications (Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Hike, JioChat transcript rendition etc). so long convert is advantageous for content conversion and image change with simply one click. be as tall as and Sayhi to your foreign friends.



Mostly welcomed languages include:

Hindi paraphrase to English;
Hindi conversion to Tamil
English to Marathi translation;
Hindi to urdu translation;
Arabic change to english, etc.


1)Support numerous public Media Translation
Hi explain chains numerous concentration translation, counting Facebook, whatsapp and envoy textbook translation. You bottle drag the hovering sphere to the passage or bend in two click the on the edge globe to decode alien languages into your language.
Note: In Facebook and Messenger, photocopying passage to clipboard for conversion would be suggested.

2)Chat Translation
Hi Translate ropes chat rendition like whatsapp, Hike, JioChat book translation. You bottle in cooperation change your friends’ mail and alter your language into your friends’ language. goodbye translate, your accessible language conversion assistance to bring in associates altogether over the world.

Be certain anytime, anyplace with your rendition partner, Hi Translate!


1) Maintain the requisite permissions and real-time networking.

2) Bubble Text Translator:
Drag the hanging orb to the chat soap suds content, and with righteous one step, the happy of the bubble will be translated into the besieged language.

3) Input Box Language Translation:
Input any languages in the key in sachet of the dialogue, drag and cut out the hovering paraphrase sphere to the manuscript in the contribution box, and the transcript would be translated into the language your acquaintances used.

4) Entire APP Page Translation :
Quickly double-click perched rendition ball, the complete APP folio would be translated into your native language. One stride to cause other useful to be trained a outlandish language.

5) Clipboard text translation :
Copy the text, and click the balanced globe to translate. In one second, the uninspired content would be productively translated into your language.

6) Long pressure the hovering rendition orb to transform the on the edge orb position.

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