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Monday, 31 August 2020

WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status WhatsApp Full Video Status & Status Saver app - Downloader its 3 in 1 Application

WFVS: Upload Full Whatsapp Video Status

WhatsApp Full Video Status & Status Saver app - Downloader its 3 in 1 Application. (1) Put long video on WhatsApp Status ( divide packed capture on tape in 30-30 Seconds and park the entire cut in WhatsApp category in 1 click (2) except category and allocate (3) change videotape position into MP3 and fix as ringtone. allow you Download Video, descriptions and Gif of whatsapp Accounts. lots of  your whatsapp acquaintances usual fastidious level but whatsapp doesn't suggest a meeting to preclude it. But the WFVS app allows you to Download/ put aside whatsapp status.


This app offers you an additional fantastic utility with this app you tin locate lengthy film as Whatsapp reputation of your account. Your elongated capture on film Stories cute in 30 seconds and launch completely stories in your Whatsapp eminence makes it other interesting.

You preserve deposit any extended capture of your mobile as your slow Whatsapp prominence by simply one click. It is a department of this App. promptly you don't require to regain 30 seconds video. You tin solidify your pet song or entirety capture on film as your Whatsapp status.

=>How to run Whatsapp broad capture Status:

Android concentration kind of WFVS App.

<=> frozen extensive videocassette Status

->  Click on the amusement pin - You will ensure videos saved in your mobile.

->  Click on select video, the record will play

-> Click on the contribute to button.

- You will be clever to disclose film on Whatsapp.

Status and the largest part amazing the tape will be certainly gash in 30 seconds and detailed film will be resolved as your whatsapp status. Wow subsequently Nice...

<=> class downloader

->  You tin keep whatsapp position suite by your Whatsapp friends.

->  You know how to and piece it as your whatsapp stage and hoarder in Your Mobile.

->  For your facility, the rank of your acquaintances tolerate been sure in two Section.


-> From at this time you preserve distinguish and avert videos of your friend’s Whatsapp status. You canister and become hard it as your status.

(2) Image

-> From at this juncture you know how to picture and stop imagery suite by your acquaintances as whatsapp status. you preserve as well disclose it.

Friends after oodles of look into and indefatigable efforts, This app has been ready for you. as a result I plan you and your contacts will employment this app and make up whatsapp added exciting.

<=> Audio converter

-> go out with every one register cartridge grade alter into MP3.

-> You know how to share, arranged as ringtone and delete.

<=> Downloads

-> catch a glimpse of every part of Downloads tape and image here.

-> You container share, appoint as a Whtasapp category and scrap it.

Google Play Download WFVS  

Now you can 3 machinery in 1 Android application.

1) settle on full Video on Whatsapp Status.

2) importance Downloader / status saver 2018

3) change your pet capture on film rank into MP3 and agree it as a mobile ringtone.

 "This is a Best app for whatsapp status."

Do you like it?  Don't put behind you to end this app 5 Stars and a good criticism for this app. Your explanation is "motivation" for as.

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