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Thursday, 17 September 2020

NEP Competition For Teachers 16.9.2020

 NEP Competition For Teachers 16.9.2020

This is a word that we get to read / hear 3/4 (three / four) or more times a day.
In society, at home, on TV, in the office, at school, on Facebook, in the newspaper and not knowing where? You hear only one thing everywhere.
There is a lot of competition and there are countless reasons to prove it right.
It seems that if there is anything in this world then there is only competition. An artificial environment has been created, the fear of which has ruined the lives of countless people and is continuing.
It is an artificial fear that makes people think of failing even before they start working. This word shattered the dreams of countless people, it has so much pressure that it cannot be described in words.
This imaginary fear is propagated in such a way that it now seems real.
Let’s try to know the reality of it …… ..
You have to build your house. You start looking for an architect for design, you will find at least 50 architects but there will be many of them who will understand your mind and offer the best design than what you want. At an affordable rate …… maybe 1 or max 2
You may not know how many teachers you have studied with yet, but if you ask from the heart, you will want to respect only 2 or max 3 teachers from the heart
How many doctors have you met in your life, but how many such doctors? There are those whom you call good and true Dr. Can say?
How many restaurants have you eaten in your life but how many restaurants would you like to visit again and again?
Let’s try to understand it in more detail ……… ..
You need good teachers to open a good school, I can say for sure that even after all your efforts you will find it very difficult to find good teachers, maybe you need 10 teachers then you need 4 or max Meet 5 teachers (maximum) the rest you have to do the same work.
You have to open a company for which you need skilled and good employees but if you need 20 then you will get maximum to maximum 8 or 10 even after your lakh attempts and you have to work only with a named employee.
If you want to open a shop and you need 5 salesmen, you need at most 3 and the rest are named salesman.

You can see at the level of the country how many leaders today we can respect from the heart and call a good leader on whom we can trust that now our country is in safe hands?
You have got a good infrastructure project and you need 200 engineers to complete it. You will get max 120 or 140. You know the rest.
How many builders can we think of as having a great project?
How many movies come in a year that we want to watch again and again?
How many Scientists of our country have made incredible contribution in the development of our country?
How many writers whose works have touched our minds?
How many merchants, shopkeepers, hotels, salesmen, drivers, mechenics, compounders, players, writers, coaches, journalists, clergy, officials, volunteers, painters, designers, photographers, astrologers, artists, dancers, artists and what not? ………

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