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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Houses will be cheaper: Builders will be allowed to build cheap houses on agricultural land in Gujarat, CM announces

Houses will be cheaper: Builders will be allowed to build cheap houses on agricultural land in Gujarat, CM announces

Inclusion of 90 square meter builtup unit in affordable housing instead of 80 square meters
 CM Vijay Rupani's important announcement at Guyhead Credina's Virtual Property Show

 To promote affordable housing and make land easily available to builders as well as developers, the Gujarat government today announced changes in the law to make agricultural land easily available for affordable housing.  Speaking at Guyhead Credai's Virtual Property Show, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said the government would allow lands for affordable housing under the Agricultural Land Act 63 AAA to make more land easily available for affordable housing construction and fulfill the dream of a common man by building such dwellings on a large scale.

The builtup area will be increased
 Vijay Rupani said that for the purpose of making affordable housing bigger and building three-room kitchen houses, instead of 80 square meters of built-up area, 90 square meters of built-up units will now be included in affordable housing.  This will allow people to find larger homes in this category.  As a result, the beneficiary families will now get comfortable and more spacious accommodation.

 Consideration of interest relief on chargeable FSI
 Rupani, in another announcement to boost the construction sector, said that currently chargeable FSI is taken at the time of construction approval, but as such construction work with chargeable FSI has to be done later, the FSI will be taken uniformly across the state.  In this context, the state government is also considering giving interest relief, he added.

 More than 200 projects will be seen online
 Ajay Patel, president of Guyhead Credai, said it was the first time an online property show had been organized in view of Corona's condition.  The virtual property show will feature more than 200 real estate projects in and around Ahmedabad during the nine days of Navratri.  These range from affordable housing to high end property, plotting as well as commercial and office property.

 Strong social infrastructure in Gujarat
 Jakshay Shah, National President, CREDAI, said that there are many other important issues in Gujarat besides business dynamics.  Aspects like Cost of Doing Business, Ease of Doing Business, Peace of Doing Business are strong in Gujarat due to which the real estate sector has developed a lot here.  Due to the strong social infrastructure in Gujarat, people from outside also feel safe here.

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