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Friday, 9 October 2020

Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children Nodal Teacher and Principal Online Test.

 Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children Nodal Teacher and Principal Online Test.

Khelo India strength Assessment for instruct disappearing Children" idold uuenal 211212121 and the material of charitable online try to the nodal sports lecturer of the school.  

Reference: The letter number of the office here - SSA / QEM / 112020 / 21-7 dated 3.04.2040 The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. 

Government of India is implementing the Central Sector Scheme i.e. "Khelo India".  "Khelo India" is a national program for the development of sports.  Under which "Khelo India National Fitness Assessment Training Program" has been successfully completed by Sports Authority of India and Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat for "Khelo India" program for school principals and nodal sports teachers of schools.  Pursuant to the above reference letter, it was suggested to take online test on 19.10.2030, now online test will be held on 13.10.2030 on Tuesday.  The time of online test under Khelo India will be one (1) hour, so that the principal of the school as well as the nodal sports teacher of the school will join the online test at their convenience and ask them to complete the test in 1 hour.  Necessary instructions and guidelines for online test are included with this letter.  It is requested to convey to all the school principals and school nodal spots in your district.

India Online Test - Date: 13/10/2020, Tuesday - Time: 6:00 am to 11:50 pm - Online Test Duration: 1 hour Details 

(Steps) for Online Test (as per your convenience) - 

Step 1: Open on web browser. 

Step 2: Click on login. - Select the School Principal or Nodal Sports Teacher (PE TEACHER) option. 

Step 3: If you are the principal of the school, login to the principal / hl portal with unique user ID and password. - If you are a Nodal Sports Teacher / PE TEACHER, then login to Khel India with your personal Khelo India unique user ID and password. - For example the unique ID of the school principal: KI21000000000 (which includes the school's U dice code. Also the unique ID of the school nodal sports teacher: KI001111 (starting from 00 -----

 Step 4: "TOT DETAILS option Select. Click on the "TOT ATTENDED" option. - The TOT ATTENDED option will show attendance in your training. If your attendance shows 1/2, click on the TAKE TEST option. - If you are taking the test by mobile phone, please mobile Scroll to the right of the screen and click on "TAKE TEST. 
Step 5: Read the instructions carefully, mark the response accordingly and proceed by clicking on" TAKE TEST. "

Step 6: After completing the online test click on SUBMIT button Your score can be viewed - If the SUBMIT button is not clicked in time, the online test can be completed

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