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Saturday, 10 October 2020

Staff Selection Commission Recruitment For Stenographer Grade ‘C’ And ‘D’ Posts || SSC Recruitment 2020

Staff Selection Commission Recruitment For Stenographer Grade ‘C’ And ‘D’ Posts || SSC Recruitment 2020

The staff selection Commission will keep an amicable Competitive CPU Based Examination for recruitment to the posts of Stenographer Grade ' C ' ( sort B ' . Non - Gazetted ) and Stenographer Grade ' D ' ( assemble ' C " ) for a variety of Ministries , Departments / Organizations in the administration of India .

Only folks candidates who retain skills in stenography are eligible to ask .

2 . Vacancies :

( a ) Vacancies will be gritty in looked-for option . modernized vacancy location will be uploaded on the website of the assignment from time to time ( Candidate's spot > Tentative Vacancy ) .

( b ) Vacancies of Stenographer Grade ' C ' and Stenographers Grade ' D ' are in Ministries / Departments / Organizations of pivotal command , counting their close and minion offices located in numerous States and Union Territories every one over the country .

3 . Reservation and suitability of posts for Persons with Disabilities :

( a for Scheduled Castes ( SC ) , Scheduled Tribes ( ST ) . Other Backward course ( OBC ) , Economically Weaker Sections ( EWS ) , earlier - Serviceman ( ESM ) and people with Disabilities ( PwD ) , and so forth would be as resolute and communicated by the Indenting Ministries / Departments / Offices / Cadres , as apiece extant management guidelines .

( b ) The costs makes assortment of candidates in pursuance to the vacancies reported by the upset consumer Departments for different posts . The job does not give any character in deciding the integer of vacancies of any addict territory . Implementation of reservation guiding principle , maintaining reservation register and earmarking of vacancies for distinct categories occur under the realm of the addict Departments ,

( c ) Vacancies for ESM are aloof for individual bracket together " C " posts as for each extant regime arrange / directives .

( d ) at an earlier time , the posts of Stenographers Grade ' C ' were identified correct for the people agony from disabilities of One..

Arm affected ( OA ) ,
One Leg affected ( OL ) ,
Both Legs affected ( BL ) .
Blind ( B ) and

LV ( Low vision ) except for BRO , the posts of Stenographers Grade ' D ' were identified right for the people misery from disabilities of One supply with weapons exaggerated ( OA ) , One buttress exaggerated ( OL ) . One give arms to and prop precious ( OAL ) , in cooperation Legs pretentious ( BL ) . Blind ( B ) and LV ( trough idea ) . though , as the " civil rights of people with Disabilities proceed , 2016 " has be as tall as into vigor with air from 19.04.2017 and new categories of disabilities such as Autism , Dwarfism , Acid confront victims , beefy Dystrophy , Intellectual Disability , definite knowledge Disability , Mental Illness and compound Disabilities , and so forth assert been built-in .

Therefore , the candidates with make a claim bountiful fine points of their disabilities in the online attention produce . nevertheless , their medley will be subject to identification of posts as it should be for these categories as form as coverage of vacancies by the Indenting Departments .

Candidates distress from assorted disabilities as identified vide DoP & T OM No : 36035 / 02 / 2017 - Estt ( Res ) square 15-01-2018 ( para - 2.2 ) may opt for next PwD categories in the online

Registration Application Form at .


Dates for  online applications : 10.10.2020 to 04.11.2020

Last date and time for submitting receipt of applications : 04.11.2020 ( 23:30 )

Last date and time for online fee payment : 06.11.2020 ( 23:30 )

Last date and time for offline Challan : 08.11.2020 ( 23:30 )

Last date for payment via Challan ( during working hours of Bank ) : 10.11.2020

Dates of the Computer Based Examination : 29.03.2021 to 31.03.2021

PwD candidates having HH and Cerebral Palsy disabilities may also apply .

( 1 ) must of corporal flag , real Efficiency Tests and checkup principles for the posts of Stenographer Grade ' D ' in BRO is on hand at Annexure - XV . Candidates may make certain that they complete every the mandatory principles before opting for the advertise of Stenographer in BRO . Posts some time ago allocated as apiece warrant - cum - penchant certain by the candidates will not be tainted subsequently right and proper to malfunction of the candidates to modify in these principles . single chap candidates are eligible for the upright support of Stenographer Grade ' D ' in the Border Roads company ( BRO ) . population / nationality : A aspirant necessity be any :

( a ) a inhabitant of India , or

( b ) a subject of Nepal , or

( c ) a subject of Bhutan , or

( d ) a Tibetan migrant who came over to India , before the 1st January , 1962 , with the objective of eternally settling in India , or

( e ) a character of Indian derivation who has migrated from Pakistan , Myanmar , Sri Lanka , East African countries of Kenya , Uganda , the United nation of Tanzania ( Formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar ) , Zambia , Malawi , Zaire . Ethiopia and Vietnam with the objective of eternally settling in India . Provided that a contestant belonging to categories ( b ) , ( c ) , ( d ) and ( e ) above shall be a anyone in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been issued by the regime of India . A aspirant in whose state of affairs a certificate of eligibility is crucial may be admitted to the Examination but the put forward of appointment will be prearranged lone after the basic eligibility certificate has been issued to him by the administration of India .

Details Of Vacancies:
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and ‘D’

Qualification Details:
Candidates must have passed 12th standard or equivalent

Required Age Limit:
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ : Mini. – 18 Years, Maxi. – 30 Years
Stenographer Grade ‘D’ : Mini. – 18 Years, Maxi. – 27 Years

Salary Package:
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ : Pay Scale:9,300 – 34,800
Stenographer Grade ‘D’ : Pay Scale:5,200 – 20,200

Application Fee:
Fee payable: Rs 100/-

Age Limit : Stenographer Grade " C ' : 18 to 30 existence as on 01.08.2020 i.e. candidates bor not before 02-08-1990 and not soon than 01-08-2002 are eligible to employ .

( b ) Stenographer Grade ' D ' : 18 to 27 days as on 01.08.2020 i.e. candidates natural not before 02-08-1993 and not soon than 01-08-2002 are eligible to spread over . Permissible recreation in better epoch ceiling as one in Para - 5 ( a ) and 5 ( b ) above and grouping codes for claiming epoch rest are as follows : 5 .

( e ) blind date of Birth crammed by the applicant in the online attention develop and the equivalent recorded in the Matriculation lesser Examination Certificate will be time-honored by the board for decisive the epoch and no ensuing appeal for modify will be painstaking or established . past - servicemen ( ESM ) who maintain by now protected employment in civil plane under leadership in arrange ' C ' & D posts on recurrent core after availing of the remuneration of reservation known to past - servicemen for their about - employment are not eligible for reservation in ESM kind and fee special consideration . but , he / she be able to gain of the do good to of reservation as an earlier - serviceman for consequent employment if he / she the moment after combination civil employment , particular self - declaration undertaking to the apprehensive employer about the day - prudent minutiae of applications for diverse vacancies for which he / she had practical for before amalgamation the early civil employment as mentioned in the OM No. 36034 / 1 / 2014 - Estt ( Res ) behind the times 14 August 2014 issued by DoP & T . The interval of " set up up benefit of an past - serviceman in the Armed army shall and be treated as advantage rendered in the Armed army for tenacity of become old recreation as for each policy . For any serviceman of the three Armed military of the Union to be treated as earlier serviceman for the persistence of securing the payback of reservation , he necessity comprise before now acquired , at the related time of submitting his relevance for the place / examination the prominence of earlier - servicemen or is in a arrange to found his acquired privilege by documentary mark from the competent license that he would concluded particular stretch of meeting from the Armed military in the set age of one day from the concluding blind date for receipt of applications Such candidates essential additionally obtain the significance of an earlier - serviceman in the set interlude of one day from the last court of receipt of submission .

clarification : An earlier - serviceman ' instrument a part L. Who has served in any rank whether as a opponent or non competitor in the steady host , fleet or announce power of the Indian Union , and i who what's more has been retired or relieved or discharged from such ceremony whether at his admit call for or personality relieved by the employer after earning his or her retirement fund ; or ( h ) it , who has been relieved from such once-over on medicinal justification attributable to armed overhaul or conditions beyond his influence and awarded health check or other disability annuity : or iii . who has been unconstrained from such check as a product of diminution in business : or b . who has been on the loose from such assistance after carrying out the definite interlude of meeting , if not than at his accept ask for , or by lane of removal from office , or discharge on explanation of transgression or inefficiency and has been agreed a freebie , and incluies personnel of the defensive crowd that is , income holders for uninterrupted embodies sacrament or destroyed spells of qualifying advantage ; or c .

personnel of the militia Postal overhaul who are function of reliable legion and retired from the multitude Postal ceremony without setback to their close relative assistance with inn , or are on the loose from the Amy Postal tune-up on remedial argument attributable to or goaded by armed forces check or event beyond their limit and awarded health or other disability allowance ; Or d . Personnel , who were on commission in multitude Postal advantage for added than six months preceding to the 14 " April , 1987 ; or e .

daring bestow winners of the Armed military as well as personnel of defensive multitude : or ( 1 ) f . earlier - recruits boarded out or relieved on remedial knock down and decided remedial disability boarding house . A matriculate earlier - serviceman ( which includes an past - serviceman , who has obtained the Indian band unique Certificate of instruction or corresponding certificate in the fleet or the announce impose ) , who has put in not a reduced amount of than 15 days of overhaul as on concluding engagement of receipt of applications ( i.e. 04.11.2020 ) with Armed army of the Union shall be careful eligible barely for appointment to the assemblage ' C ' posts i.c. Stenographer Grade ' D ' against posts detached for ESM . like this , folks matriculate Seruman Shine

6 . Process of certification and format of certificates :

( a ) Candidates who hope to be measured against vacancies reticent or inquire about epoch - let-up be required to submit requisite certificate from the competent organization , in the prescribed set up , at any time such certificates are hunted by concemed Regional Offices at the time of deed Verification . if not , their call for SC / ST / OBCEWS / PWD ESM , and so forth repute will not be entertained and their candidature / applications will be careful under extrovert ( UR ) grouping . The formats of the certificates are annexed with the observe of this Examination . The certificate of disability issued under the people with Disabilities ( Fqual Opportunities . shelter of civil liberties and detailed contribution ) conduct yourself , 1995 ( 1 1996 ) will and be applicable . Certificates in any other set-up are answerable to be rejected

( b ) Crucial see for argue of SC / pen OBC / EWS / PWD significance will be final engagement for receipt of online applications .

( e ) A anyone looking for appointment on the heart of reservation to OBC requisite guarantee that he / she possesses the social order cooperative spirit certificate and does not fall down in beige layer on the crucial meeting . The crucial time for this determination will be the dying go out with for receipt of online applications .

d ) Candidates may plus take note of that in think a lot of of the above , their candidature will hang about provisional till the actuality of the disturbed paper is verified by the Appointing buff . Candidates are cautioned that they will be barred from the examination conducted by the administration in court case they deceitfully retrieve SC / ST OBC / EWS / PWD / ESM prominence .

7 . Provision of Compensatory Time and assistance of scribe :

( a ) In problem of people with point of reference disabilities in the class of loss of sight . locomotor disability ( equally arms artificial - BA ) and brainy palsy , the resource of inscribe is provided , if much loved by the applicant . Since the posts are not identified right for people with BA disability , as a result competence of inscribe will not be allowable to such candidates .

( b ) In indictment of lasting categories of people with target disabilities , the provision of cut will be free on fabrication of a certificate at the time of examination to the end product that the character apprehensive has pure limitation to note down , and etch is chief to get in touch with examination on his / her behalt , from the Chief health check bureaucrat / Civil doctor / medicinal head of a authority health guardianship creation as for each document at Annexure - 1 .

The applicant will maintain the discretion of opting for his / her personal cut or the feature of inscribe provided by the duty . fitting top-notch in this esteem will allow to be certain by the aspirant in the online relevance form 

( d ) In justification the nominee opts for his / her have cut the qualification of the etch be supposed to be one movement below the qualification of the contestant pleasing the examination . The candidates with target disabilities opting for have etch shall be compulsory to submit fine points of the own up notch at the time of examination as apiece paper at Annexure - II . In adding up , the cut has to produce a justifiable identification testimony ( as apiece incline particular at para - 14 ( 9 ) in innovative at the time of examination . A photocopy of the identification substantiation of the inscribe signed by the applicant as brim as the engrave will be submitted alongside with paper at Annexure- II . If , subsequently it is create that the qualification of the etch is not as affirmed by the entrant , it follows that the nominee shall penalty his / her correct to the publish and claims connecting thereto . A compensatory time of 20 minutes for each hour of examination will be provided to the people who are acceptable operation of inscribe as described at para 7

( a ) and 7

( b ) above .



The candidates referred at para 7 ( a ) and 7 ( b ) who are permitted operation of inscribe but not availing the feature of inscribe will moreover be known compensatory time of 20 minutes for each hour of examination No attendant other than the inscribe for eligible candidates will be acceptable inside the examination antechamber ( h ) One eyed candidates and in some measure blind candidates who are capable to convert the natural doubt essay rest with or without magnifying goblet and who hope to drop a line to reveal the react with the alleviate of magnifying tumbler will be permitted to consume the similar in the ( e ) ( 1 ) 6 Examination lobby and will not be at liberty to cut Such candidates will get to fetch.

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