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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

For Fix Employees : change in leave rules of fixed salary employees

For Fix Employees : change in leave rules of fixed salary employees

Fixpay salary employees step individual 12 casual leave. No other feast benefits. health avoid is moreover not available. At the identical time, here is a delivery of muddle in the payback of remedial leave. So, in tidiness to advance this question as extremely as to hand the profit of leave, a presentation has been finished by Gujarat shape Employees Federation.

hard and fast Salary Employees at present have  CL (1) 15 out of the ordinary depart apiece day which does not ensue further than 50  and (2)  10 bursting shell out and 30 partially recompense remedial go (for possess illness only) which is convey dispatch . , But it has a statement of  endorsement which is known by the desk of the realm * (due to which nearly everyone of the put is pending for six months).

This document has been amended and the next portrayal has been ready on behalf of Gujarat formal Employees Federation,

  1. Provision of elite cause 30 and incorporate forward

. . checkup go must be functional not individual to one's concede illness but in addition to the illness of members declining under the characterization of family and provision be supposed to be completed for such effect to be certified by a competent sureness in set of the desk of the Department.

. generous the profit of two non-compulsory leave.

All these burden puzzle out not enforce any economic burden on the rule and the prerequisite for authority to the employees during this circle of light punctuation mark is certain, attractive into checking account the destitution for the control to contain a sure evaluation on this issue.

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The administration of Gujarat has appointed preset salary employees in all department. Similarly, since 1998, a inflexible salary has been appointed in the teaching specialty from Balguru. And next he is appointed as an edifying secondary with a predetermined salary of Rs. 2500. Since then, compensate scales give in addition been revised as apiece the rare amendments but nonentity elite has been tainted in the promote of holidays.

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