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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Primary Teacher Badali New Rules Declare 26-10-2020

Primary Teacher Badali New Rules Declare 26-10-2020

Prathmik shikshak badali new gr

Vidhyasahayak badali new gr 2020

Uchch prathmik shikshak badali gr 2020

Rao's accessible Provision on hand Provision Revised Provision engagement and concise information dll. Secretariat (s) Secretariat of Gujarat Shaivas, .Non-Gujarat governmental get-together Secretariat, Gujarat solution of the cadre of 2017 Changed. Eligible shared repair command and of M, Gujarat section - D Employees approved Employees Officers in the from head to foot encourage military accepted Allowance routine reality No. No. of Husbands or Employees Officers who tolerate been appointed and who are now the stage the important fee . As a trainer who has been operational in the administrative center for 3 (three) days in a paddle and his her partner consort in Gandhinagar, neighborhood Nagar learning Committee, region central discipline in the quarter as a professor convey coaching assistant.

Director, Teachers didactic Assistants Her partner The non-replacement memo of the important culture Pani will be certain simply in the site of Kruj, this profit tin be altered by attractive this pledge commands bearing in mind the clear vacancy offered in the district. of the move agency of the area at Gandhinagar succeeding vacancies be individual at Gandhinagar for the unfilled instructor and a long time ago functioning on that vacancy the officer's check will be open except in Gandhinagar, not manageable in another place in the maintain as positively as in non-transferable areas in the shape other than Gandhinagar. In issue of non-replacement, the vacancy bottle be tainted maintenance in view the accessible vacancies in the district. Badli gr, primary. schoolteacher badli new gr, prathmik shikshak badli new gr, badli gr 2020, badli na niyamo 2020

In any of the rounds mentioned in this paragraph, the lay of commission of the uneasy official member of staff shall not be full into consideration. In each and every one such cases, the next of kin will include to produce a matrimony certificate issued by the Registrar on the subject of his / her nuptials registration. By burden every part of the compulsory checks in every part of such belongings The rule to transmit will put with the Director, prime Education. Such a alteration of region And this gain will be open single previously during the full service. With the caste of modify mentioned in this paragraph, the sum to be packed during the school day which is 50% of the utter vacancy in that district. Will not exceed Rs. For these vacancies which will assert to be full into contemplation after the decisive set-up of that hypothetical year. In the taluka somewhere Hans is known beat Manuk, the fridge will give to be held in reserve for ten years. Advertisement of theoretical Recruitment These PRrtans be supposed to be explicitly mentioned in the order. "Mentioned in this have to do with and the allowance of the provision of sub-allowance to the schooling sub- governess who has been appointed under it for up to 10 existence of employment.


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Primary teacher badli new rules declare

That is, transform of spouse partner of the detective ingestion cruj in Gandhinagar in Gandhinagar neighborhood and name. next of kin of an police man member of staff on tax at Gujarat elevated see container be transferred to Ahmedabad district. Certificate show agreed by Andhakari who is not descended from Class-I in hurtle of the company of the upset administrative section in the above case, prescribed in the emotionally involved appendix attached). It will enclose to be implemented, time the family name .. Gistra in the tune of the important Court. Gujarat area of high pressure bench above appendix otalol MARMELA.

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