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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Primary teacher / teaching assistant - why change the matter.

Primary teacher / teaching assistant - why change the matter.  

Reference.  1, in the resolution number of SVV, under the above subject, to state that, from reference-3, permission has been given to skip all the caps, including the remaining slaughter of the academic year 2017-29.  

According to the reference letter of the education department, the receivable establishment of the primary teachers under the district / town education committee of the state has been approved on the basis of the number of students on 31/08/20.  

Transfers have to be made in the school as per the rules of the primary teacher / education assistant under slaying on the basis of the aforesaid perfume.  With reference to the relevant resolutions of the education department and revised resolutions from time to time, the rule of transfer of primary teachers has been decided.  

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Read paripatr page 2
Chapter- (b) As per the rule of change of increase of the above rules, changes of increase are to be made by comma method. Considering the provisions of the aforementioned transfers, the remaining transfers for the year 2020-21 - incident transfer camps are dated. It is asked to complete from 2920 to 39/1/400 As per the teacher establishment approved as on 31/09/2090, as on 31/09/2030, the slaying incident has to be changed as per the clear empty meal.  

A new provision has been made by amending Chapter-K with reference to SV and with reference to Reference-2, these provisions will have to be implemented.  

In some cases this may not have been the case during last year's massacre It comes down to meditation. 

Therefore, it should be mentioned that on the basis of the service book, the taluka education officer will have to make a seniority list of excess teachers.  

Thus, in accordance with this instruction and the provisions of the aforesaid, and from time to time as amended, it is stated to camp the slayer.

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