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Friday, 11 December 2020



It was definite that the headmaster of the turmoil schools would currently be painstaking in the intellectual cadre, as a replacement for of learning individual the privileged ркиું 200-200-200 school will be careful in the Gujarat situation central cadre. In extra to the compensation balance and honest recruitment, like the teachers ended by the teachers' union, the resolution to believe the cadre of controller teachers as 200-300-200 was and full as a vacation. However, it is educated that the headmaster's cadre must be careful as rest no more than by the be first teachers who take been distorted in the group like the professor and other options for the cadre of the headmaster are stagnant organism measured in the government. Will be given. According to the in sequence customary from the subordinate Education, it has been unequivocal to allot the elevated salary of 12-13 to the Gujarat examiner of territory Headmasters' Association, taluka and standard. Navgujarat time> Was. If the representations are complete to the management later, after that the fiscal slaughter will be reasonable by enchanting the questions of the Gujarat glory Chief HTAT on the subject of the teacher. Was stated. The headmaster will be completed in any semi-direct style next which the administration will go beyond his category of departmental examination. It may additionally be definite by the union that the junior edification examiner has been appointed by resolving the examination questions and generous advanced forfeit climb without identifiable decision. misused to over setup. In which the headmaster was affirmed by the union. Alternatives are mind painstaking by the control for the accessible be in first place teachers as the other cadre was formerly a promoted teacher.

If GTU refuses to carry online exam, after that Gujarat Uni.  Online exams will be full as near is no noticeable spot concerning semester exams in the country universities.  That's as of the corona, professors say!  Thus, distinctive Uni.  The specialty of learning has not clarified on the subject of whether to contain the exam or not.  As a result, the conclusion is personality complete by the students in their particular way.  Is doing.  Not lone that, the order of Saurashtra students is the merely Gujarat GTU in the testify of Kafodi state.  Gujarat took extra offline exams of extra students which was at present the merely offline college of late online.  Similarly, spiritual guide Gobind academe has announced to capture the exam of the state's top instruction department.  And offline m, in cooperation the exam and Bhavnagar academia as well in progress enchanting colleges and enchanting the exam against the university's broadcast to eliminate the exam. No spot was agreed about the learner captivating the offline exam for online.  Thus, having every one these universities is at present creating a diverse state.  The key contraption is done.  Surprisingly, Gujarat academe is attractive decisions in its personal direction if a scholar preserve seize an offline exam and assume the exam from special universities.  Gujarat Technological academic world in addition had to enthusiasm through four stages to form an inconsistency expected to which constant the professors themselves were protesting against the online exam of added students.  Is!  However, why the academy powers that be encompass not planned the offline exam.  Because, this time a campus is asking the query that four lakh students know how to not take no for an answer to perceive the exam online.  This is not an online exam.  furthermore held in reserve from mobile.  If the GTU powers that be are not likely to to bring the self-assurance exam in the system of bountiful the student's exam offline in surcharge to the online, it follows that the colleges include besides decisive to believe the exam if the apprentice container purchase the exam.

The camp was apprehended under the chairmanship of Rajkot DPEO. After the camp, near were 40 vacancies in Dhoraji, 6 vacancies in Upleta. The left behind teachers in Rajkot will be incorporated in other talukas through the region camp. In 11 talukas of the district, after the administration central lecturer sarbhar camp, in Dhoraji, authority primary, i.e. Std. accordingly the trainer compensation camp was started. Teachers be capable of be accommodated in Dhoraji similar after the camp. be able to be accommodated after camp. However, here were vacancies for 540 teachers in crucial and 6 teachers in Upleta and 40 teachers in greater primary. 20 at that time 10 seats remained inane in greater primary. Rajkot DPEO in mutually the talukas. D.R. The plot was empty. The teachers in Upleta will be called to the area camp in the unaffected way. . In Dhoraji, the camp of 6 teachers was apprehended single on Friday. At that time, the camp was seized at a choice of chairs in other talukas. In which in attendance would be 6 vacancies against the assassination of a teacher, but at hand were no more than 6 vacancies to accommodate the on the rise run to of teachers. subsequently that will be particular to 3 teachers only.

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