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Monday, 14 December 2020



INTRODUCTION: - Bids and environment of set salary employees allow been permanent by the steadfastness pass? 18/08/2009 against the position number

(1) of the finance district and by the promise old 28/07/2018 of recommendation number-

(3). permanent Salary Employees Appointed by through Recruitment under this certificate At the finish of the prescribed recruitment course of action during their predetermined salary services, they are appointed to a further station of the equal cadre, to the send of high cadre or to the boundary marker of recurring recompense scale. Have. But every so often geographical situation for community reasons as correctly as other reasons carry out not become the newly appointed place. In these circumstances, it was under committed matter of the formal control to concoct crucial provisions in this stare as no provisions were at this time in make for the homecoming of the member of staff to his preceding cadre.

Resolution: Dt. Fixed Salary Employees appointed under the policy of 12/06/2009 are selected at the end of the prescribed recruitment process during their fixed salary services to another place of the same cadre, to the place of the upper cadre or to the place of regular pay scale. Such fixed salary employee resigns from his fixed salary cadre to another place in the same cadre, upper cadre post or regular pay scale post if he immediately submits to return to the previous original cadre (resigned cadre). It is hereby decided to make the following provisions at the end of the adult consideration regarding re-appointment in the cadre (in the resigned cadre). (1) An employee appointed on a fixed salary under the policy enacted by the resolution of the Finance Department dated 19/06/2008 resigns from one cadre to another of the same cadre or upper cadre of fixed salary or above the regular cadre of the upper cadre. In the given cadre) the benefit of return to service shall be given for a period of up to 01 (one) year of their new appointment. Thus original. Fixed salary employees returning to the cadre will immediately lose the prominence of their previous original cadre and this will be considered as their new appointment. And the service of the cadre returning from the previous cadre will not be considered as consecutive service under any circumstances. (Ii)

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