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Thursday, 17 December 2020




Income tax assessment for the year 2020-21
Download Incometax Excel file and open it in computer.

Systematic step-by-step understanding of the notable slaughter-reduction camp * Friends, the change camp will be held on 26/10/2020 according to the change amendment rules of the current year.
* Pay Camp Internal Camp Matter *
A. Schools with a reduced amount of than 20 in Std-6 and a arrangement of Std-6 and 7 with a reduced amount of than 20 will merge into close by schools

B. The brood of Std-6 and 7 lead to to the educate everyplace the kids pass away to the greater important divide therefore the position of the added instructor accompanying the brood is not eligible to be counted in the merged instruct hence that the governess of the merged educate will be measured killed.

C. The best of the chief nurse teach will be certain to the schoolteacher who goes to the salary axis in the in-house camp of the salary center. flush if a trainer who has been killed beforehand has a motherliness result in in a further give focal point from the compensation center, it is not available. But if the camp of the remuneration inside is finished and the camp of the total taluka starts and at hand is a vacancy in his individual instruct in the recompense center, in that case the schoolteacher who has spent out of the disburse focus is permitted to the protect school. 

D. After giving the right to the mother school, the teachers of the primary department of their own pay center will be given the right to choose the vacancies of the primary department. Thereafter, if the vacancies in the primary department do not remain vacant, then the teachers of the primary department in the vacancies of the upper primary will be ordered to be promoted in the upper primary department. The teachers who progress such an series will moreover be called reverse to the butcher camp in the enterprise of August 2021 as a teacher. If these teachers adapt and bid an choice in April-2021, they will be adept to go away to the higher principal as a subject lecturer in the opportunity camp to pass away to the higher chief based on the vacancy in their protect school.

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Income tax assessment for the year 2020-21

Download Incometax Excel file and open it in computer.

E.  If the teachers who obtain full the decision are in the majority, followed by the teachers hold been transferred to the high key divide by relinquishing their completely to the leading department. The alternative rendezvous of the teachers who hold been agreed the choice will be careful as the appointment of fusion the higher main section.

 As the date of joining HTAT is considered as the date of joining the HTAT promoter, the option taker cannot claim the right of seniority of the primary department by getting the right in the higher department.

F. If a teacher has been transferred to his / her pay center for medical reasons, even if he / she has been in school for three years from the date of attendance, he / she is not eligible for transfer.
G. If a lecturer in his give pinpoint is the widow of a state collateral shove member of staff and is mature for brood and family, he must be treated as for each Rule-2 (1) of the Gazette of command of India old-fashioned 04/10/2012 and succeeding amendments of management of India here is no provision to variation it as for each the orders.

Accordingly the inner camps of the recompense centers are completed.

* personal camp inside the taluka *

A. If no vacancy trainer is initiate in the vacancies of the elevated gulf after big up the vacancies inside the core territory of entirely the give centers of the taluka, afterward appointment class for the teachers of every one the vacancies in the vacancies in every part of the vacancies. Will be known which will be counted in the new institution after that year.

B. near is no provision in the circular to produce nether the teachers who hold consumed out of the taluka as superior teachers in the high foremost sector for the gain of the look after taluka level if the vacancies in the better fundamental administrative area increase. . Matru taluka no camp starts and at that time merely if nearby is a vacancy in the leading administrative area of a teacher's care for school, the payment will be agreed to the teachers who exhibit absent the taluka of the nurse school.

C. Accordingly, after the completion of the camps in all taluka, if the quantity of teachers in the neighborhood increases, the application will be completed to the place of work of the Director of first Education, so therefore we are compelled to stick to the information certain by the administrative center of the Director.

* exceptional possessions to comprehend *

Recruitment and assign camp is a recurrent process. The just improvement is that no one is permitted to pace in the uniform process. come again? issues befall out today

1. delay the camps stopped fitting to be short of of camp circle of light and allot correspondence pad. acquaintances old to state that campo must be done. at the moment you display campo must be closed. Camps are the equal every year. Friends, in numerous schools nearby are additional teachers as in attendance is a lesser amount of work. On the other hand, in schools with miniature omissions, if the formalities is coming up for the lecturer to be suitable for the thirst for for learning, so therefore nearby must be a camp. * country or interest, teaching * is our essential job, next at hand must be a camp.

2. It is thoroughly illegal that at hand is a whimper of pre-eminence in the initial specialty of teachers with options. If you would like to claim seniority, halt in the key department. sort out you do in the top department? be supposed to be done

3. If the teachers next from the region fine moreover famine to stop with the family, afterward it is too right to be inflicted with approximately vacancies according to the percentage to fetch them.

near are hence countless clothes to understand, friends. all be supposed to each time be set the precise according to the policy. We cannot gain from in cooperation milk and curd. If we collect something, we retain to evade something.

Income tax assessment for the year 2020-21
Download Incometax Excel file & open it in computer.

INCOME TAX Automatic CALCULATOR-2020-21 BY Jagadish Patel.

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