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Monday, 28 December 2020



National Merit cum Means Scholarship exam ( NMMS ) Virtual Class Daily Video

NMMS Gujarat E Class Daily video. 

Online Video Time 3.00 to 4.00 pm

Through the joint venture of * State Examination Board, Gandhinagar * and * Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat * through the program of * Gujarat Virtual School * from * 29/12/2020 * to * NMMS examinees * (Std. For students of .3) * Daily from 3:00 to 4:00 hours * Live guidance by expert teachers will be broadcast through * Gujarat e-Class * YouTube channel. So please ensure that all the students under your jurisdiction get the maximum benefit from this.

* Link to watch video *
Watch Daily Video : Click Here
29/12/2020 NMMS Live Video : Click Here30/12/2020 NMMS Live Video : Click Here
* Link to watch video *

Watch Daily All Video : Click Here

NMMS પરીક્ષા તૈયારી ડેઇલી વિડીયો વિભાગ :: 

અહિંથી તમે દરરોજ ઓનલાઇન પ્રસારિત થતા NMMS પરીક્ષા તૈયારી વિડીયો જોઇ શકસો. આ લીંક સેવ રાખો. દરરોજ ૩:૦૦ વાગ્યે નવો વિડીયો મુકવામાં આવશે.
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                         👇 NMMS VIDEOS 👇

Date 13/03/2021

Date 13-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 12/03/2021

Date 12-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

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Date 10/03/2021

Date 10-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 09/03/2021

Date 09-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 08/03/2021

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Date 06/03/2021

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Date 05/03/2021

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Date 04/03/2021

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Date 03/03/2021

Date 03-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 02/03/2021

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Date 01/03/2021

Date 01-03-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 27/02/2021

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Date 26/02/2021

Date 26-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 25/02/2021

Date 25-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 24/02/2021

Date 24-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 23/02/2021

Date 23-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 22/02/2021

Date 22-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 20/02/2021

Date 20-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 19/02/2021

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Date 18/02/2021

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Date 13/02/2021

Date 13-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 12/02/2021

Date 12-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 11/02/2021

Date 11-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 10/02/2021

Date 10-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 09/02/2021

Date 09-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 08/02/2021

Date 08-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 06/02/2021

Date 06-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 05/02/2021

Date 05-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

Date 04/02/2021

Date 04-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

DATE 03-2-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

DATE 01-2-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

DATE 30-1-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

DATE 29-1-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

DATE 28-1-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Date :27-01-2021

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

DATE 13-1-2021

પ્રકાશ અને પરાવર્તન -2 (વિજ્ઞાન) તારીખ : 12/01/2021

         વિજ્ઞાન- પ્રકાશ અને પરાવર્તન  તારીખ :- 11/01/21

         કેલેન્ડર-૧ તારીખ :11/01/2021

મુઘલ યુગ અને ભક્તિ યુગ(સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન) વિડિયો તારીખ:- 09/01/2021

NMMS પરીક્ષા સંકલ્પના | શ્રી રાજેન્દ્ર જોષી  

National Merit cum Means Scholarship exam ( NMMS ) Gujarat E Class Daily Video
two came, it would stop at number seven. At that time the professor will ask him the question number 7 and answer Nandini. Thus Raju and Najma will also throw dice and Goti will move forward respectively. 

વિડીયો નિહાળવા માટેની લીંક

The teacher will ask the question of the number on which Goti will stop and Raju Najma will give the answers. If the player cannot answer the questions asked by the teacher, he has to give up one of his bets.

Quiz 1 - click here to view 

This is how the game goes. The query after asked be supposed to not be repeated. convert the plan of the consistent numbered difficulty to produce a utter of 100 questions for 25 cells. With a diminutive change for the better these behavior know how to be of use equal in multicultural education situations. And in which distinct equipment are practical according to the degree of the children, smooth without the occurrence of the teacher, such possessions be capable of be constructive in spinning the family in the scholarship process.

Creating rock-solid Experiences: From the model set above you canister empathize that such close resources preserve be other accommodating than a burden for the teacher. Such examples .L.M. Points out the significance of, i.e. brood know how to get through this tool themselves.

Ideas consequential from the regional environment: The side action is an paradigm of how teachers tin bring into play loads of tools. repeatedly we are naive that the objects open from the native environment empowers us to be practical in the classroom education process. Of flow looking around the trainer will carry out that the environment around him or in which he lives is a colossal storehouse for coaching and education materials. The key of such pleased varies from consign to place. I'm sorry? is presented in Gujarat may not be open in Goa. 

Different plants and fauna container in addition be second-hand as of use principles resources in apiece common environment. The instructor preserve get through such information autonomously or with a textbook to impart knowledge experiences to the children. For example, a lone phase in a textbook may be about the neighboring environment.

Also, as an alternative of memorizing the background agreed in the textbook, the educationalist canister do suggestions to the brood for out-of-doors activities, everyplace the brood themselves cause au fait with the planet of foliage and animals. For the above, the educationalist does not for eternity want to apply dense or sincere things, for example, for a session about festivals, the educator may raise family to act together with their parents and institute to dig up in order about narrow festivals, and next draw closer up with a textbook content.

Thus league and its traditions is plus a opulent foundation for teaching-learning materials. But this treasure is only behind you to be opened by the hands of teachers and children. information Creation: We were adept to uncover how main an in force hall of obtainable equipment preserve be for teaching! We furthermore realized that numerous of the resources impulsively consequential from the district backdrop preserve be old in the classroom, but it is and attraction in view of whether the educationalist container make use of them in proscribed quantities, and the lessons delegation bottle too be predictable to undertake the creation of such materials.

It container be consumed during the year. confer the subject of equipment that may be effective during the year: The to begin with a small amount of equipment that may be constructive to teachers if provided at the essential level, splendor raze to the ground or borough level. Such comfortable may involve flare cards, quantity cards, dice, puzzles, etc. If this is not possible, the teachers preserve assemble at the Salary interior prepare (C.R.C.) to transfer out the fabrication of such materials, and somewhere a teacher's go along with is available, every one of such finances tin be cool and tired on purchasing equipment en masse.

Children container unconsciously play a part their be the owner of tools, for example, a governess tin refrain from a Std-9 adolescent be selected for a flashcard and usage it for Std-1 and Std-1 children. For such tools a explore documentation be able to be prearranged up at the recompense pinpoint teach (C.R.C.) from everywhere teachers bottle retrieve and manipulate the equipment. group of people Perspectives:

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