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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Primary Teacher Over setup Camp Related Latest News

Primary Teacher Over setup Camp Related Latest News

The problem of occasional oversetsup has arisen in primary schools. Due to which resentment has spread among the teachers.

According to the Department of Education, it is the duty of the government to provide free and compulsory primary education. The government OP CAMP RELATED NEWS REPORT : every child gets primary education. More students get education in primary school

So the literacy rate will increase. To educate every child in the hinterland
Efforts are not made by the Department of Education to keep teachers in the classroom most of the time: often resentful of change

The government's education department needs to be more proactive. But over the last five years the question of Versatup in primary school has become monstrous. Physical facilities have become available in primary schools. As well as the required work should be taken from most of the teachers. They should try to stay in class most of the time. When it comes to oversetup for teachers, they should be accommodated within close proximity. If there is a space for their subject at a close distance, if there is a space for the same subject, put it in the form of an operation

Arrangements for travel from residence to school need to be fixed
When the number of students in the hinterland wadi area is low, children are merged in nearby schools, they should arrange for the children to travel from their residence to school, so that the drop out ratio can be reduced, the educator said.

Parents are stunned by the terrifying facilities
Why is the number of children in primary schools declining even though language and science teachers have been appointed? That is the question of Swaman. Parents have turned to private educational institutions as the number of private educational institutions is high and the morale of these educational institutions is high.

Should. Sisters are most affected by oversight questions. While his social life is arranged in Jet place

They have to move away when it comes to oversetup. When they (sisters) are arranged by the basic parents or marriage

Assigning duty for a long time

The school should be evaluated

| It is necessary for the children to get basic education, not for material happiness, facilities. Teachers should be assigned duty in the same school for a long time. So that the school can be evaluated, the atmosphere between the teacher and the students is not maintained by the teachers who are exchanging unrealistically

Sa is disturbed. The ratio of number of students and number of teachers in primary school should be reduced. So that the question of oversetup is reduced.

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