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Sunday, 27 December 2020



High of nine, twenty and thirty-one

Teachers are making a fuss about getting exemption from Hindi subject in the pay scale. As well as indifference to the right to pay leave to teachers in return for working for the Board of Education or the government during the holidays. However, there is widespread resentment among teachers that no decision has been taken by the education department.

5 વર્ષ ફિક્સ પગાર માં નોકરી સમયમાં જેટલી મેડિકલ રજા ભેગી થઈ હોય તે આગળ કેરી ફોરવર્ડ થાય જ છે અને એને આગળ વાપરી શકાશે

Accordingly, in the Fifth and Sixth Salary Punch the Transport Allowance was sanctioned for government employees but the grant was not given by the government to the teachers of the school. As a result, there is widespread resentment among the teachers of the monitored secondary and higher secondary schools. The arenas are being set up to exempt from the Hindi subject in the higher pay scales of the new twenty and thirty-one. In addition to this in consecutive numbers

When will the allowance be given ..? The question of such self-determination has also arisen.
It is necessary for the education department to take necessary action in this direction. If proper action is not taken by the education department, there may be great resentment among the teachers. This was stated by the sources of the education department. It is also necessary to remove the errors made by the state government in providing transport allowance to the teachers of the grant aided schools. Information about this is being transmitted to the teachers of the grantee school.

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