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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Zydus corona vaccine Related Latest News Updates

 Zydus corona vaccine: Worldwide eye is the first research analysis on 'Gujarat vaccine', 300 scientists work day and night for a population of 130 crore

Zydus vaccine has undergone two phases of Zykov-D testing, will produce 120 million doses annually

Zydus began the complex vaccine development process last February after the covid epidemic was identified.

Zydus corona vaccine: Worldwide eye is the first research analysis on 'Gujarat vaccine', 300 scientists work day and night for a population of 130 crore

Dhaivat Trivedi, Vimukt Dave: Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Zydus Biotech in Ahmedabad on November 28, where the corona vaccine is being developed, the name Zycov-D has also been at the forefront of the corona vaccine being discussed in the country and the world. Divya Bhaskar got official details from Zydus about the formula and method of how the vaccine is being developed at the Zydus Vaccine Research Center at Changodar near Ahmedabad, the environment in which many scientists are working in this huge effort to make a vaccine. This is the first detailed report on the only corona vaccine being developed in Gujarat ...

How did Zydus get started?

Zydus has vast experience as a leading pharma company in Gujarat in the field of vaccine manufacturing and has a global reputation. Zydus has previously successfully vaccinated against deadly diseases such as swine flu, tetanus, hepatitis B, and rubella, which is why the corona virus was identified in late December last year and shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the corona an epidemic. Began to think intensively about making.

Zydus chairman Pankaj Patel and M.D. Under the guidance of Shervil Patel, the company first focused on 3 issues.

1. The latest and global standards are adopted at every level, from formulas, technologies and devices to make vaccines.

2. The cost of the vaccine should be kept to a minimum so that it can be marketed at a very affordable rate and maximum people can get protection.

3. Care should be taken that the process of preservation and transportation of the vaccine is perfectly suited to the environment of India.

This was followed by the process of collaborating on various approvals, information, including research by various government bodies, including Zydase Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under the Ministry of Science, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and research. Coordinated with

The formula of the vaccine was decided after all the details, requirements were met. Earlier, the experience of vaccination process was also used for this. After all these preliminary preparations were completed, the Zydeus vaccine was launched in February and was officially announced.

Why is everyone looking at this 'Gujarat vaccine'?

From the very beginning of vaccination, Zydus paid special attention to its effectiveness as well as cost and especially preservation, ease of transportation.

As a result, the Zykov-D brand name vaccine remains effective for up to 3 months at temperatures as high as 30 degrees. The duration of its effectiveness can be further extended if stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees.

Preservation, Maintenance As it is suitable for Indian climate, it can be easily transported anywhere in the country.

What is the specialty of this vaccine being made in Gujarat?

About 1,400 Zydus scientists, researchers are directly or indirectly involved in the process of vaccine making, of which 300 scientists have been working day and night for the last 10 months to find a cure for the corona epidemic. Giving this work more importance than their home-family, these scientists have considered emergency duty more dear than personal life. As a result, vaccination has become possible over a period of 10 months.

The vaccine being developed in Gujarat is the first DNA based corona vaccine in India.

These steps are outlined here for a simple explanation. The actual process is many times more complicated.

What is the vaccine formula?

Any vaccine requires a medium to establish the DNA of the virus. The DNA of bacteria that are harmless to the human body is used as a medium.

The bacterial DNA is called plasmid, which is why this vaccine is called DNA plasmid based.

The DNA of the plasmid is broken down and the DNA of the corona virus is installed in it.

This whole process, told in a simple sentence, goes through many complex experiments in the laboratory and requires extreme precision.

In order to establish a plasmid of harmless bacteria mixed in the corona virus chromosomes in the human body, it is necessary to give a vaccine.

Once the plasmid enters the human body, it develops immunity to any disease.

In this building located in Changodar, 300 scientists have been engaged in making vaccines day and night for 10 months without seeing them.

Learn about Zydus

Zydus is not a new name for India's pharmaceutical industry and Zydus has been popular since the company became active in the corona vaccine. The company was started in 1952 by the late. Ramanbhai b. Patel did and since then its helm has been heard by Pankajbhai Patel. The company was restructured in 1995 and renamed Cadila Healthcare under the Zydus Group's flagship. At that time, the company's revenue was Rs. 250 crore, which is Rs. 15,000 crore.

The fourth largest pharmaceutical company in India

Manufacturing units in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim

Business in more than 25 countries around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Latin America, and South Africa.

Also produces hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ramdasavir used in the treatment of corona

Listed company Cadila Healthcare has gained 50% and Zydus Wellness has gained 30% during the current year.

The company is also involved with Animal Healthcare.

The company started by Ramanlal Patel today has a global reputation under the guidance of Pankaj Patel and Sherville Patel.

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