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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Amidst the decline in coronavirus cases, school-college resumes in so many states of the country

Schools and colleges in India have been closed for several months due to the Corona virus, but now schools are slowly reopening in several states.

corona virus schools reopens in several states of india

 Continuous decline in corona virus cases in India

Schools reopened in states including Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam

The parents expressed hope that the study would resume

Schools reopened months later

Schools have been opened in several states amid the threat of the corona virus and the bitter cold. The decision has been taken in view of the steady decline in cases of corona virus in India. Schools have been closed for months because of the corona virus. Educational institutions are now opening in the country amid growing concerns about a new strain of the corona virus in Britain. Parents are now hoping that education will get back on track as the coronavirus has disrupted children's learning for months.

Half-and-half students are coming to school

In view of the threat of Corona virus in Bihar, it has been decided to open schools according to the roster. Half of the students will come to school in a day and at the same time the guideline of corona virus is also being followed. In Bihar, schools were closed for nine months due to the corona virus.

In this state, school lasts only half a day

Apart from this, schools have also been opened in Pondicherry and education will be conducted in schools for only half a day as per government guidelines. In Jharkhand, schools have been opened for 10th and 12th standard as board exams will be held in a few months.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the government has opened schools for children from standard 8 to 11. Std. Schools were open in November for 10th and 12th. Months later the schools are now working regularly.

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College also started

Apart from this, educational institutes have also been opened in Assam from primary standard to university. In Karnataka, from January 1, Std. Schools have been opened for 6 to 12 and even in Kerala, which was once a hotspot for the corona virus, schools have been partially opened since January 1, with Std. 10th and 12th grade students will be taught.

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