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Sunday, 3 January 2021



In addition, another five thousand rooms are being constructed from prophylactic materials. This work is also expected to be completed in June-July. Next year, in the year 2000, another 5,000 such rooms will be made of prefabricated materials. Thus, the state government is committed to the equitable development of primary education.

Teacher Welfare Assistance Fund Scheme is being implemented in Gujarat to provide financial assistance to needy teachers. But had been in a coma for the past four years. We have given a total of Rs. Has contributed Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Api for the welfare of teachers by reviving this scheme.

We have achieved commitment. In addition, one to eight teachers were paid Rs. Offered as 2,500 awards. Teachers who work in the past are inspired. We are finished. Even after 50 years of independence, the sun of education had not risen in the Narayan Sarovar area of ​​Kutch. Even after 50-50 years this hinterland working class area was deprived of secondary education.


Give the standard of secondary education in a primary school in this area. Started a class of 8. Not only that but also provided a teacher immediately. He tried his best to address the darkness of education. Not a single child went to school in a labor-intensive village called Hirpara near Palanpur. The whole village is illiterate. With our efforts, 181 children went to school in just two months, we built a classroom for the school and a teacher from the same area, Nimi, provided for the study of working children. In a similar backward Deesa area, a primary school with 50 children was started and education flourished.

There is not a single school of higher secondary science stream in 72 talukas of Gujarat and there is not a single school of general stream in those talukas. The government has initiated efforts to complete the work of science education in such remote areas. The public trust offers to start such schools. Children face many difficulties due to lack of higher education in the backward areas of Chhewade. In particular, Standard: 12 after PTC.

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Children from such backward areas are admitted to PTC during the admission process. Given the seriousness of this very delicate matter, the government is committed to start science stream and general stream schools in such labor-intensive and backward areas. A seminar of such professors and their college principals is organized keeping in view the prevailing trends. In this seminar, a joint venture of Vidyabharati and the Department of Education, new methods of education, in education.

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