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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Maths Puzzel with Answer

Health assurance rejuvenation has the equal significance as retail one after you associate statement online. as you opt for the paramount health check guidelines online, you be supposed to apprehension manually about replenishment of your mediclaim procedure on time. 

There are a little gear to store in intellect at what time you move on for the rebirth online such as the coverage, exceptional add-on covers etc. 

You be able to furthermore swap to a separate insurer at the time of your guiding principle replenishment if improved payback are provided in swap of the matching premium you reimbursement for your offered mediclaim plan. 

❤️ + 🏀 + 💡 = 4

❤️ + 2 (🏀) + 4 (💡) = 12

2(❤️)- 3 (🏀) - 💡 = 4

❤️ - 2 (🏀) ×💡=___ ?

Answer :

x + y + z = 4

x + 2y + 4z = 12

2x - 3y - z = 4


❤️ = x = 2

🏀 = y = -1

💡 = z = 3


result => 2 - 2 x (-1) x 3 => 2 + 2 x 3 => 2 + 6 => 8

Final answer: 8

For online health course of action renewal, you will be obligatory to impart your private minutiae such as the statement integer etc. You be supposed to judge against something else policies online before your health assurance renewal.

Health cover maintain completion Procedure

Though mainly fill with are fretful about how TPAs work, quieten lots of don’t get how health cover claims are settled. The top health troupe in India will pay your health claims as before long as possible. 

The time of health obtain clearing may vary. For the collect on your mediclaim policy, the insured ought to approximate the TPA for every red tape and verification process. It takes by and large two time to establish yourself claims for TPAs. Here’s how health cover claims are settled.


Cashless dealing canister be availed no more than through the set-up rest home of your preeminent health assurance theater company in India. You ought to intimate the TPA earlier to pre-planned hospitalization, or contained by a fact time duration in court case of an emergency. 

The hospital's cover counter will assist you with entirely the paperwork. The TPA wants to pass the mediclaim sum and thereafter the cover group will defray the bills with the hospice except a few barred outlay that hold to be established from the small of the enduring individual directly.

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