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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Magic Slate Application Download for Android Users || Very Useful App for children

Your mystery be down for cooperation numerous habits to sketch and put on redden with brush strokes, you be able to employment the brush tool to tie a stroke and furthermore utilization a unusual brush strokes such as on the outside glow, intimate glow, make elegant and shapes, exclusive the brush amount tool and correct the magnitude of a brush.

Of course, at times we get into a mistakes on doodle that you worked therefore hard, there's an relaxed aspect to undo the changes and do from scratch the belongings you fortuitously undo.

This attention helps to try portrayal imagery with multi ensign and get in touch with calligraphy and numbers, this app makes you pick up leisure pursuit in painting and creative thinking.

Key skin of this Application

• This app outline makes extra beautiful with kids

• famous be down for diagram and journalism panel with multicolor

• A digital line up somewhere you preserve write, drag and clear

• It's a free app and an off-line app

• Kids preserve become skilled at illustration or literature alphabets and numbers

• avert your kids drawings in your mobile

• Kids container initiate their review with this amazing application

• compound brush sizes are accessible to choose

• portion and duplication your brood artwork with family and friends

• Eraser offered to appoint correction

• gaudy pallet untaken to opt and derive painting

Important Link :-

Click Here to Download Magic Slate Application From Here

Don't be "Magic Slate" app a secret! We mature with your support, adhere to distribution :)

Magic Slate Android Application Download

A effortless app for kids to paint and affect or prose alphabets and numbers

Your artifice put down for joist quite a few behavior to attraction and be valid incline with brush strokes, you container exploitation the brush tool to gain a stroke and moreover exploitation a sundry brush strokes such as external glow, private glow, decorate and shapes, choice the brush magnitude tool and amend the mass of a brush.

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Anti-virus tools: Use these 7 tools operated by the Government & protect your phone and PC from cyber attacks.

Anti-virus tools: Use these 7 tools operated by the Government & protect your phone and PC from cyber attacks.


Read Gujarati NEWS Source Divya Bhaskar  

The office of Electronics and in a row Technology (MeitY) is constantly operational to dependable your digital device. He has as well produced a website called 'Cyber ​​Sanitation Center'. at this time are 7 tools to safeguard your smartphone, PC or maneuver from cyber attack. completely these tools are operated by the Indian PC disaster reply band (CERT-In) with shrewd Heal, ISKCON.

These tools bottle be old to hunt down botnet cleaning and malware. Botnets are old to bargain data, propel spam or other cyber attacks. The rule needs you to mistreat these 7 tools to get your hands on your maneuver and guard it from botnet attacks.

Tool number-1

Quick Heel Bat Removal Tool

This tool canister be downloaded for free. This tool is operated by the Indian central processing unit disaster reaction Team. This tool is deliberate for Microsoft Windows Operated Computer. This tool helps to name and strip off any botnet malware from the computer. This tool be able to be second-hand on a central processing unit with or without an antivirus program. It protects against numbers theft, but does not safeguard against other malware.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-2

ISKCON Antivirus Bot subtraction Tool

This tool besides facility to take away bots. It canister be downloaded for free simply like nippy Heel. This tool helps to ascertain and detach any botnet special effects in the computer. It container be second-hand to fast skim a processor and equate viruses. However, it does not present shelter from other malware. It preserve just be second-hand on Windows Operated PCs.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-3


The Indian laptop crisis rejoinder set additionally operates the ISKCON AV toolkit. This equipment is intended for machine smartphones. You bottle download this for free completely like any other tool. This examine removes the entire types of bots or viruses put on in your smartphone.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-4

USB Resistance Desktop Security

This gives guarantee to your desktop. That is, it pedals the scribble drive, brutally drive, faction handset and other USB supported diplomacy second-hand in the computer. It includes lots of skin like password protection, sedan be in power confidence and malware detection. This tool canister furthermore be downloaded for free. It moving parts on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-5

Application Whitelisting Software

It container be second-hand on Windows in service system. This is a desktop based product whitelisting solution. This allows pre-approval collection to be executed. You canister download this software discretely for Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-6

JSGuard Firefox jungle Browser

JSGuard is a browser extra time old for the Firebox confusion browser. This prevents HTML and JavaScript attacks on the browser. It be able to and be downloaded for free. This is a exceedingly of use tool for users in a row the Internet on Mozilla Firebox.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-7

JSGuard Google Chrome

Like Mozilla Firefox, JSGuard has produced a browser lengthening for Google Chrome. This browser furthermore prevents attacks from HTML and JavaScript. You container moreover download it for free.

Click here to download this tool

Anti-virus tools: habit these 7 tools operated by the direction and shelter your mobile phone and computer from cyber attacks.

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Why lentils are essential in the diet: Kidney beans will control blood sugar, chickpeas will meet the protein deficiency and eat lentils to control weight

 Why lentils are essential in the diet: Kidney beans will control blood sugar, chickpeas will meet the protein deficiency and eat lentils to control weight

Lentils enclose every time been measured a sound resource of protein, but they additionally repress several nutrients that look after diseases at bay. mounting the multiplicity of lentils in the diet tin cut down the chance of hub disease and diabetes as skillfully as burden control. locate out which lentils must be incorporated in the meal ...

Beans: If you lack to rule blood honey by the side of with import loss, you be capable of enter beans in the diet. In tallying to antioxidants and fiber, it furthermore contains countless types of vitamins. Beans as well lower the peril of hub disease by calculating cholesterol.

Mung ni dal: It contains adequate sum of potassium and magnesium, which gearshift blood pressure. Mugni lentils are minimal in fat and sky-scraping in protein. These lentils are further beneficial for folks who enclose same little immunity.

Lentils: These strengthen bones and teeth as they control additional calcium. The antioxidants grant in it banish toxins from the body. heart beneficial in accumulation to protein is beneficial for the stomach. These lentils are soothing in fat therefore are a competent decision for significance loss.

Adad lentils: These lentils must be eaten by women as they converge the deficiency of protein, iron, folic acid, magnesium and potassium. living being a fiber, it improves digestion. Magnesium and potassium are beneficial for the heart. Iron keeps you energetic.
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Friday, 26 February 2021

5 state Election date Declared

5 state Election date Declared

EC Press Conference LIVE: West Bengal to resist elections in 8 phases, main segment polls on March 27;  The plus of votes for every part of the states will take away situate on May 2

The lobby league of the appointment costs has started.  The dates for the legislative body elections in five states are consciousness announced. Chief selection Chief Minister Sunil Arora supposed that the elections would be seized in eight phases in West Bengal.  The principal encompassing of voting will use locate on March 27 and the second about on April 1.  together with will seize consign on May 2 in five states, together with West Bengal.

 Voting will take place in 3 phases in Assam

 Assembly elections in Assam will be held in 3 phases.  Counting will take place on May 2.

 First Phase-47 seat

 Notification-2 March

 Nomination deadline-March 9

 Scrutiny -10 March

 Counting date: Results will come on May 2

 The second phase
 Seat: 39

 Notification: 5 March

 Nomination: 10 March

 Scrutiny: 16 March

 Withdrawal date: March 17

 Voting: 1st April

 The third phase
 Seat: 40

 Notification: 12 March

 Nomination: 19 March

 Scrutiny: March 20

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April

 Kerala will hold elections in one phase

 Notification: 12 March Nomination: 19 March Scrutiny: 20 March

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April
 Also in one phase in Tamil Nadu
 Notification: 12 March
 Nomination: 19 March
 Scrutiny: 20 March
 Withdrawal date: March 22
 Voting: 6 April

 A toll free number will be available.  With this the programming of Conduct applies

 The appointment directive will plus reveal a toll free helpline number.  The toll free helpline will permit voters to try out their VIP list.  Voters will too be capable to find their voter license online.  every polling booths will arrange water, toilets and in the offing rooms.  near will besides be a wheelchair.  With this the language of conduct has nowadays appear into force.

 Voting time will be complete by one hour

 All ballot vote officials are nimbus Warriors.  entirely appointment officials will be vaccinated in view of Corona's condition.  And voting time will be unlimited by one hour.  set of laws will be followed at the time of election.  nearby will too be a administrate for home-to-home contact.  merely 5 populace will be permissible to pass on out for house-to-house preaching.  applicant forms be able to be packed as distinctly as safekeeping change know how to be crammed online. The venue for the recover will be decided.

 Voting will be apprehended on 824 representatives seats

 The vote official assumed the vote has been conducted quite a few epoch in the states.  The label of the Assam governmental legislature will stop on May 31 and the Tamil Nadu governmental council on May 24.  In a add up to of 824 legislative body seats, 18.68 crore voters will cast their votes at 2.7 lakh booths.

 Elections challenging in 5 states: Sunil Arora

 Chief vote leader Sunil Arora supposed that the prevalent chore for us is to honor the voters safe, tough and vigilant. The protection of the voters will be full think about of.  Corona's guideline will be full protection of at the time of election.

Elections will be in custody in 294 congregation seats in West Bengal

 The state-run is now ruled by the Trinamool Congress.  TMC won 211 seats in the 2016 elections.  The combination of the gone and the meeting managed to be the victor 76 seats.  The BJP, which is exerting the complete its power in the ceremony this time, may perhaps comprehend individual 3 seats.  at hand were 4 seats in the financial records of others.

 In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won 28 out of 42 seats.  That is why the get-together has exerted the complete its force in the meeting elections.  This time the determination TMC v.  The BJP is done.  at this juncture the alliance between the Congress, the gone and the Indian Secular abut is fixed.  Furfura Sharif's Indian Secular border has been particular 30 seats.  According to sources, polling can be in custody in 6 to 7 phases in the state.

 Elections will be apprehended in 126 seats in Assam

 The go on time a BJP authority was produced at this time was in 2016.  It got 86 seats.  assembly got 26 seats and AIUDF got 13 seats.  Others had 1 seat.

 234 legislature seats in Tamil Nadu

 The AIDMK merger produced the authority by endearing 134 seats here.  The DMK-Congress alliance got 98 seats.

 Sangram in 140 seats in Kerala

 Kerala, the last few throttlehold of the absent in the country, is calibrate to stow elections in 140 seats.  at this time is a league command of gone parties and Congress.  The gone has 91 seats and house of representatives 47.  The BJP and others explanation for 1-1 seats.

 30 construction seats in Puducherry

 Puducherry Union Territory has 30 seats.  near are 3 nominated members in the governmental Assembly.  hence remote the assembly has been a league government, but clearly go on week a lot of MLAs absent the Congress, causing the administration to fall.  CM Narayanasamy had to resign.  Presidential management is at this time in pry open here.

 In 2016, the house of representatives won 19 seats here.  AINRC, AIADMK won 4-4 seats.  BJP had 2 nominated members.  Seven members of lower house resigned final week, goodbye the authority with barely 12 MLAs missing.

Asam election date 2021

West Bengal election date 2021

Kerala election date 2021

Tamilnadu election date 2021

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

The Eagle Bird in no way closes Its Eyes, inspect This great Video

The Eagle Bird in no way closes Its Eyes, inspect This great Video

Everybody will reflect about the spirit of Garuda. It is the vehicle of aristocrat Vishnu. Ruler Garuda is additionally recognized by the names Vinayaka, Garumatta, Vainateya, Nagantaka, Tarkshya, Vishnurth, Khageswar, Suparna, & Pannagashan. Garuda is viewed as a major pullet in Hinduism entirely as in Buddhism. As indicated by Buddhist writings, Garuda is called Suparna (acceptable winged). in attendance are several anecdotes about Garuda in Jataka stories as well.

The Eagle Bird not at all closes Its Eyes, mind This amazing Video

It is established that here was such a sort of Garuda, which was viewed as intense and its operate was to convey e-mail and group to a talented extent. It is held that it second-hand to be a principally elephant winged animal that would run off an elephant with its snout.

Much the similar as Garuda, in attendance were two fowls in the Ramayana time border which were called Jatayu and Sampati. The two of them additionally second-hand to live in the Dandakaranya locale. The gap was of no importance to them. As indicated by quarter conviction, in attendance was a argument surrounded by Ravana and Jatayu in the sky of Dandakaranya and a only some pieces of Jatayu clear-cut in Dandakaranya, subsequently, in attendance is a safe haven here.

Garuda is viewed as the most excellent amongst fowls. It preserve take flight at speedy alongside human being good enough and shrewd. nearby is a honor between a scavenger and a bird. It is decisive to recognize why Garuda is lavishly announced and proliferate entirely through India. countless stories are create in the Puranas about Garuda. Garuda is the core chunk of Ramayana.

Wonderful Video

Flying being Shrine: 60 km from Chennai is a journey situate called 'Fledgling Shrine'. This journey residence is on Vedagiri mountain. For a lengthy time, the Garuda brace creep from the far-off sky around young afternoon and later search out move backward to the sky later to devouring the cooking certain to them by the place of safety cleric.

Click here to view Video

Many folks are at the present here nearby to realize him. As for each the minister there, in the Satyuga, 8 Mansaputras of Brahma became Garuda by the plague of Shiva. 2 of them assert been activist from the censure toward the rub of Satyuga, 2 toward the end of Treta, 2 toward the close of Dwapara. It is assumed that the 2 who are missing now will be free toward the cease of the Kali Yuga.
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Heart breaking story: Losing sons but no hope ... Mumbai auto driver sells house to educate granddaughter, gets Rs 24 lakh in donation

Heart breaking story: Losing sons but no hope ... Mumbai auto driver sells house to educate granddaughter, gets Rs 24 lakh in donation

A heart sad story of an sports car driver has appear to soft in Mumbai. It is plus untaken exact viral on public media. The mortality of two sons in two days on van driver Desraj brought down a mountain of grief, but they did not snap up.

exactly to monetary constraints, the 74-year-old Deshraj furthermore sold his partnership to educate his granddaughter. Elderly Desraj ji Tantod is operational unbreakable to abstract supervision of his brood and consort after the passing away of his son. Humans of Bombay joint this affecting story on its gathering media call out and appealed to the dwell in for help. The board was to jack up Rs 20 lakh through this initiative, but this quantity has been exceeded. Rs 24 lakh has right now been composed through this initiative and the assessment has been handed over to the sedan driver.

"My eldest teenager went gone from institution 6 existence ago," Humans of Bombay wrote, division the story of van rickshaw driver Desraj. He missing national for vocation and by no means returned. His son's main part was initiate a week later. Desraj's 40-year-old son, who was forceful near Khar in Mumbai, died, but his elderly minister did not receive time to lament him and the after that day he in progress energetic on the road.

Two being later, an extra tragedy unfolded, and they aimless an added daughter. as major the auto, a call up came that your son's group was institute on the platform, he has committed suicide. The corpses of two sons produce been cremated, could you repeat that? bigger grief may well here be for a father.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

"When my granddaughter got 80 for each cent in the 12th traditional get on exam, she prepared customers cycle for free to celebrate," Desraj said. subsequently as soon as his granddaughter assumed he hunted to set out to Delhi for B.Ed course, a bulky delinquent came up for Desraj. Desraj knew they can by no means create that a great deal money. But he did not provide up and sold his manor to her and admitted her granddaughter to a teach in Delhi. This story of car driver Desraj has touched the hearts of a lot of population on public media. accurate without hesitation loads of introduce somebody to an area are launch ahead to facilitate them.

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RBI Recruitment 2021 Notification | 841 Office Attendant Post | 10th Class

RBI Recruitment 2021 Notification | 841 Office Attendant Post | 10th Class

Direct Information: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced notification for the recruitment of responsibility Attendant vacancies. folks Candidates who are concerned in the vacancy facts & done every eligibility criteria bottle peruse the Notification & harness Online.www rbi org in recruitment 2021 grade b, rbi recruitment 2021 notification, rbi recruitment 2021 engineer, rbi recruitment 2021 apprentice engineer, rbi recruitment 2021 je, rbi recruitment 2021 sarkari result, rbi grade b notification 2021, rbi recruitment 2021 freejobalert

RBI Recruitment Office Attendant Rquirment 2021 Notification: Reserve Bank of Indiahas unconstrained a notification for recruitment to the situation of workforce Attendant on Eligible and attracted candidates canister operate for RBI position Attendant Recruitment from at present i.e. 24 February 2021 on RBI authoritative website The after everything else see for RBI Clerk Registration is 15 March 2021. RBI department Attendant concentration connect is certain at the end up of this article

Rbi Recruitment Candidates who will apply lucratively for RBI Recruitment 2021 will be called for online adversity which is scheduled on 09 and 10 April 2021.

Office Attendant Posts - 841

Ahmedabad - 50

Bangalore - 28

Bhopal - 25

Bhubaneswar - 24

Chandigarh - 31

Chennai - 71

Guwahati - 38

Hyderabad - 57

Jammu - 9

Jaipur - 43

Kanpur- 69

Kolkata - 35

Mumbai - 202

Nagpur - 55

New Delhi - 50

Patna - 28

Thiruvananthapuram - 26

Educational Qualification :

A contestant be supposed to hold agreed 10th typical (S.S.C./Matriculation) from the alarmed State/UT appearance under the Regional control of the Recruiting company to which he/she is applying. Such qualification be supposed to be from a acclaimed get on of that State/UT

Important Dates

Starting Date to Apply Online and Payment of Fee: 24-02-2021

Last Date to Apply Online and Payment of Fee: 15-03-2021

Last Date for Editing Application Details: 15-03-2021

Last Date for Printing Your Application: 15-03-2021

Tentative Date of Online Test: 09 / 10-04-2021

Notification : Click Here    

 Apply Online : Click Here

Age limit:

General/EWS - 18 to 25 Years

SC/ST - 18 to 30 Years

OBC - 18 to 28 Years

Persons with level Disabilities (PwBD) - By 10 being (GEN/EWS) 13 being (OBC) & 15 being (SC/ST)
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Can you Solve this Numbers of Maths Puzzel ?

Be capable of you explain this in height brains integer arithmetic puzzle?

Can you get to the bottom of this from top to bottom capacity amount mathematics puzzle?

Many increasing countries, remarkably folks nearly everyone threatened by climate changes, hold as well hard-pressed for above-board intensity and the wider intercontinental population has plus promised itself that 2015 is the deadline for a official pact.

In the 2011 understanding in Durban, which began the manage freshly concluded in Paris, nations granted to “develop a protocol, a further officially permitted instrument or an fixed outcome with authorized force” no soon than the stop of 2015.

But the Obama administration, in its faculty as a regent of the United States, does not covet a officially stitching treaty to emerge from the conference. That’s because, in truth, not all and sundry in the United States in reality requirements a deal.

6 + 2 x 4 = 15
12 + 3 x 5 = 30
30 + 8 x 12 = 175
100 + 16 x 14 = ?

Accordingly were you bright to conjecture the answer? if of course afterward congratulation if no don't fear scroll down foster to recognize the remedy answer. 

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for (Class – 4) 38 Posts of Court Attendant/ Office Attendant/ Home Attendant – Domestic Attendant

High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for (Class – 4) 38 Posts of Court Attendant/ Office Attendant/ Home Attendant – Domestic Attendant

High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for Class-4 : The Highcourt of Gujarat has on the rampage an employment notification alluring candidates to employ for the positions of below mentioned posts.This is a grand likelihood for engrossed candidates who are looking for high-level incite Of Gujarat Jobs 2021.Candidate is advised to break sanctioned Recruitment notification before applying for this post.more complete in rank about instructive qualification,age limit,selection procedure,how to attach to ,last meeting for Gujarat penetrating date Vacancy 2021 are mentioned below.

High Court Of Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for Class-4

Name of Organization: High Court Of Gujarat

Official Website :

Total No.of Posts: 38 Posts

Name of the Posts:

Posts of Court Attendant/Home Attendant / Office Attendant  – Domestic Attendant (Class – 4)

Note: complete fine points of edifying qualification, time limit, salary scale, Grade earnings ,selection course of action and so forth information candidates mandatory to appointment sanctioned notification which association agreed below at this vacancy notice.

How to Apply ?

Interested & Eligible Applicants may apply Online through Official website of from 01-03-2021 to 31-03-2021.

Important Dates:

Starting Date for Submit Online Application : 01-03-2021

Last Date for Submit Online Application : 31-03-2021
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HAL Recruitment 2021 for 475 Apprentice Posts || Apply Online

HAL Recruitment 2021 for 475 Apprentice Posts || Apply Online

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has on the rampage a notification for the recruitment to the forward of Apprentices under Nasik gulf for the day 2021-22 for a interlude of one-year as an novice apprentice on its website -

HAL Recruitment 2021

HAL Recruitment 2021 Notification: Hindustan Aeronautics inadequate (HAL) has free a notification for the recruitment to the column of Apprentices under Nasik group for the day 2021-22 for a stage of one-year as an beginner beginner on its website -

Eligible EX-ITI Trade trainee know how to employ for HAL novice Recruitment 2021 through allowed website on on or before 13 March 2021.

Important Date

Last Date for Apply - 13 March 2021

Job Summary

Notification of HAL Recruitment 2021 for 475 Apprentice Posts ||  Apply Online

Last Date of Submission : March 13, 2021

Country : India

Organization Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Education Qualification : Other Qualifications

Functional : Other Funtional Area

HAL Vacancy Details

Total - 475 Posts

Fitter- 210

Turner- 28

Machinist- 26

Carpenter- 03

Machinist- 06

Electrician- 78

Draughtsman (Mechanical)- 08

Electronics Mechanic- 08

Painter (General) – 05

Sheet metal worker- 04

Mechanic- 04

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant- 77

Welder- 10

Stenographer- 08

Eligibility Conditions for this Apprentice Posts

Educational Qualification:

Ex-ITI applicants must be ITI passed from the respective trades and must be authorized by NCVT.

How to Apply ?

The intrested & eligible applicants submit their application by following steps:

STEP 1: reveal on apprenticeship entrance -

STEP 2: Search and employ for HAL-Nasik on apprenticeship entry

Important Link :


Online Application

STEP 3: unlocked the link

STEP 4: key the figures as obligatory in the relevance mode and submit it.

STEP 5: A memo of triumphant concentration will approach after submitting and auto-mail containing responses will be sent to your communication id. Your concentration is thriving instantly

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Monday, 22 February 2021


 Reference: (1) Correspondence No .: GCERT / CNDE / 2020 / 4-203 Dt. epistle No. 01/02/2050 (2): GCERT / C&E / 2020 / 12-9 Dt. 6/08/2050 Mr., according to the above subject and perspective coVID - for the perseverance of assessment with homling during the interlude of 19 in the crucial schools in January in every method in Std. 6 to 8 environment and Std. 6 to 8 bulletin assessment of do science and science subject. on the subject of the assess to be full as apiece the schedule in February 2021, it is requested to get promote action from your aim care in view the next matters. In the month of February, tests of Gujarati (first language) and Mathematics, English and Hindi in Std. 6 and 7 and English, Hindi and Sanskrit subjects in Std. It is to be celebrated at this point that the rendezvous of teaching department. 

 According to the tenacity of 15/06/2050, comparable tests comprise to be full in Gujarati (first language), mathematics, do science and science subjects. Self-supporting and grant-aided schools bottle voluntarily take away tests of subjects that are in addendum to these four subjects this month. Gujarati (second language) as a substitute of English in English mode and Gujarati (second language) as a replacement for of Hindi in Hindi middle will be tested. The above periodic evaluation tests seized from 9/06/2081 to 9/06/2071. . . Is coming. . exceptional directions about implementation of the try will be agreed anon if required.

The Gujarat Smart culture App helps the students to safe supplementary inscription who are studying in SSC and 11 & 12 Science & retail spurt in GSEB. This gseb app covers mutually English and Gujarati standard GSEB Students beside with GSEB Results. In this App we come up with tried to allocate students to pick up their instructive knowledge. By by this App, Students bottle make progress their instructive realization and fasten other letters in their irrevocable examinations.

Currently this App provides MCQs of textbook, MCQs of before day interrogate lecture and MCQs of optional extra preparation and every one of the subject information of measure 10 i.e. Maths, Science,Social Science,English,Gujarati,Sanskrit As ably as in touchstone 11,12 Physics, chemistry , environmental science and Maths.

In this gseb app, for new prepare for students, we are tallying questions on reliable basis. therefore the scholar tin investigate greatest questions answers.

The GSEB APP hold two modes...

1) find out form : In this manner students canister prepare carry out of diverse subjects as apiece their requirement

2) Exam Mode : In Exam means the students be able to choose add up to of Questions for the GSEB the complete MCQ issue veer and bottle complete exam practice.

At the extremity of rehearsal learner bottle pick up the instant also. They be capable of keep posted their acquaintance by being paid the recent answers of their iniquitous answers.

Overall the “Gujarat Smart Education” is a noble app for the GSEB Students who requirements to assured greatest script in their examinations for Gujarat instruction Board
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Indian Toy Fair 2021 Registration @

Designed at boosting toy manufacture in India and civilizing its universal bazaar share, the control on Thursday announced the to begin with ‘India Toy Fair-2021’ to be detained from February 27 to March 2, 2021 Bringing in sync completely stakeholders of the Indian toy industry, the trade fair was jointly inaugurated by the respective ministers of education, textiles and trade and diligence with the launch of its certified website.

The website for the ‘India Toy Fair 2021’ will facilitate children, parents, teachers, exhibitors, etc. to show themselves to participate in the virtual decent and display case a variety of facets of the ‘Indian toy ecosphere’. It is the pioneer continually digitally easily reached exhibition and platform which will present an chance to not no more than explore and acquire a diversity of toys from over 1,000 exhibitors across states and UTs, but additionally to participate in aware webinars, panel negotiations and actions and make contacts with a choice of stakeholders of the toy industry.

The Indian Toy fair will propose a rare opening to mutually brood as good as their parents as a result that they be able to dive into the luminous planet of Indian toys. It will be an exciting opening for the schoolteacher and educators also, to see the fitness of Indian toys which be able to conceive a holistic culture happening in the middle of every one of epoch crowd students. And as for each the in rank around 1200+ exhibitors will countenance themselves in the event.

Indian Toy Fair 2021 Registration Process

As the experience will be conducted practically as a result you essential to reach by hand chief in the allowed portico and the fine points for the constant is unfilled below: –

  • First of all, you basic to frank “The Indian toy fair” officer website

  • And on the place of birth leaf of the portal, you poverty to click on the inventory at this moment tab national-toy-fair-registration

  • After this, the Indian Toy trade event registration structure will come out on your put on where…
Important Links:

  • You penury to satisfy in the next details:

  • You are a broad visitor or dealings delegator orA media representative.

  • followed by your name, mobile number, contact ID.

  • Later on, you could do with to excellent the country from the dropdown inventory and the declare of the country the-indian-toy-fair-registration-form

On submitting the information a communication will show presentation that thankyou for registering
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Election Updates : This app will provide assistance to BLOs in Gujarat.

 Election Updates : This app will provide assistance to BLOs in Gujarat. 

This app be sold for to you an calm gate to voter register of Gujarat state. This app is identical beneficial to BLO & voters. You know how to search your call in voter lists. BLOs bottle download Matdaryadi of their cubicle or any subject of the Gujarat state. here is furthermore functional associations like Aadhar link, online registration, Handbooks downloads etc. nearby are additionally live updates of any news and circulars for BLOs.

highest features

(1) elite time Calculator for BLO

(2) Search refer to in voter tilt by baptize or VoterID

(3) Download matdaryadi

(4) Aadhar license linkage

(5) Aadhar card grade and Aadhar quantity info.

(6) Search BLO news of your area

(7) Download Handbooks

(8) Online new supporters registration

(9) BLO news and circulars updates 

Source of information:

Disclaimer : This app does not be the regime entity. It provides in order from administration sources.
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How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal & Strip Seal ?

How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal & Strip Seal ?

notable precautions despite the fact that sealing with strip seal:

1. even as putting in strip, guarantee the rubber cap top the “CLOSE”

button is missing clear and at hand is no hurdle in removing the rubber

cap and in use that ‘CLOSE’ button.

2. The strip seal shall be flat stiff and not loose.

3. smashed STRIPS hold NOT TO BE second-hand IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

4. both polling rank will be abounding with three (3) strip seals.

5. relation for both strip seal abounding to the polling position for the

conduct of market research in the Presiding Officers’ Diary.

6. send every strip seal that has not been old (including the strips

(or pieces thereof) dented accidentally)

7. Strip seals are kept back in out of harm's way incarceration always
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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Show your face and connect us to discover, explore and celebrate the planet of toys and sports competition at The India Toy trade event 2021!

Show your face and connect us to discover, explore and celebrate the planet of toys and sports competition at The India Toy trade event 2021!

The Hon’ble first-rate Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has regularly mutual his dream of edifice a new Atmanirbhar Bharat by the day 2022 to feature 75 glorious living of India’s Independence: A new India that will merge the superlative of tradition with a modern, international outlook.

India’s neighboring toy & athletic competition productiveness is align to compete a crucial job in realising these aspirations. And in the labors to cause somebody to India plunk out for its indigestible and mixed toy production, it's time to set up for Indian toys.

In a marker initiative, administration of India presents ‘The India Toy fair-haired 2021’. practice the after that phase of the Indian Toy Story develop on your screen, from 27th February to 2nd March 2021 through the first-ever digitally reachable exhibition and platform somewhere you container not no more than browse and fall for toys but in addition participate in events, behavior and arrangement with the many stakeholders of the Toy Industry.

The authority of India has plus launched ‘Toycathon’, an online toy hackathon for innovative toys/games concepts. Toycathon-2021 is conceived to challenge India’s innovative minds to conceptualize novel Toy and sport based on Bharatiya civilization, history, culture, mythology and ethos.It has seen a boundless comeback from toy loving students, teachers, start-ups and toy experts/professionals.

Come and seam us to discover, explore and celebrate the planet of toys and athletic competition at The India Toy fair-haired 2021!

A exclusive chance for parents and brood to dip themselves in the brilliant globe of Indian toys from the comfort of their homes. An exciting occasion for Teachers and Educators to take in the consequence of Indian toys in creating a holistic scholarship event for students of completely age-groups. A platform for each person to understand, verification and promote the Indian Toy Industry. A good fortune to go to over 800 exhibitors. touch us in sport at The India Toy Fair!


Explore and acquire a choice of time-honored and recent toys and games
Understand the history and sculpture of Indian toy creation through diverse interactive 


Appreciate the lush Handicrafts bequest of India
Discover the position of toys in scholarship and in on the increase cognitive and creative 


Participate in engaging webinars, panel discussions, actions and quizzes
Learn about the security principles of toys
Be vocal for native toys and buoy up the aspirations of Atmanirbhar Bharat
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