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Friday, 26 February 2021

5 state Election date Declared

5 state Election date Declared

EC Press Conference LIVE: West Bengal to resist elections in 8 phases, main segment polls on March 27;  The plus of votes for every part of the states will take away situate on May 2

The lobby league of the appointment costs has started.  The dates for the legislative body elections in five states are consciousness announced. Chief selection Chief Minister Sunil Arora supposed that the elections would be seized in eight phases in West Bengal.  The principal encompassing of voting will use locate on March 27 and the second about on April 1.  together with will seize consign on May 2 in five states, together with West Bengal.

 Voting will take place in 3 phases in Assam

 Assembly elections in Assam will be held in 3 phases.  Counting will take place on May 2.

 First Phase-47 seat

 Notification-2 March

 Nomination deadline-March 9

 Scrutiny -10 March

 Counting date: Results will come on May 2

 The second phase
 Seat: 39

 Notification: 5 March

 Nomination: 10 March

 Scrutiny: 16 March

 Withdrawal date: March 17

 Voting: 1st April

 The third phase
 Seat: 40

 Notification: 12 March

 Nomination: 19 March

 Scrutiny: March 20

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April

 Kerala will hold elections in one phase

 Notification: 12 March Nomination: 19 March Scrutiny: 20 March

 Withdrawal date: March 22

 Voting: 6 April
 Also in one phase in Tamil Nadu
 Notification: 12 March
 Nomination: 19 March
 Scrutiny: 20 March
 Withdrawal date: March 22
 Voting: 6 April

 A toll free number will be available.  With this the programming of Conduct applies

 The appointment directive will plus reveal a toll free helpline number.  The toll free helpline will permit voters to try out their VIP list.  Voters will too be capable to find their voter license online.  every polling booths will arrange water, toilets and in the offing rooms.  near will besides be a wheelchair.  With this the language of conduct has nowadays appear into force.

 Voting time will be complete by one hour

 All ballot vote officials are nimbus Warriors.  entirely appointment officials will be vaccinated in view of Corona's condition.  And voting time will be unlimited by one hour.  set of laws will be followed at the time of election.  nearby will too be a administrate for home-to-home contact.  merely 5 populace will be permissible to pass on out for house-to-house preaching.  applicant forms be able to be packed as distinctly as safekeeping change know how to be crammed online. The venue for the recover will be decided.

 Voting will be apprehended on 824 representatives seats

 The vote official assumed the vote has been conducted quite a few epoch in the states.  The label of the Assam governmental legislature will stop on May 31 and the Tamil Nadu governmental council on May 24.  In a add up to of 824 legislative body seats, 18.68 crore voters will cast their votes at 2.7 lakh booths.

 Elections challenging in 5 states: Sunil Arora

 Chief vote leader Sunil Arora supposed that the prevalent chore for us is to honor the voters safe, tough and vigilant. The protection of the voters will be full think about of.  Corona's guideline will be full protection of at the time of election.

Elections will be in custody in 294 congregation seats in West Bengal

 The state-run is now ruled by the Trinamool Congress.  TMC won 211 seats in the 2016 elections.  The combination of the gone and the meeting managed to be the victor 76 seats.  The BJP, which is exerting the complete its power in the ceremony this time, may perhaps comprehend individual 3 seats.  at hand were 4 seats in the financial records of others.

 In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won 28 out of 42 seats.  That is why the get-together has exerted the complete its force in the meeting elections.  This time the determination TMC v.  The BJP is done.  at this juncture the alliance between the Congress, the gone and the Indian Secular abut is fixed.  Furfura Sharif's Indian Secular border has been particular 30 seats.  According to sources, polling can be in custody in 6 to 7 phases in the state.

 Elections will be apprehended in 126 seats in Assam

 The go on time a BJP authority was produced at this time was in 2016.  It got 86 seats.  assembly got 26 seats and AIUDF got 13 seats.  Others had 1 seat.

 234 legislature seats in Tamil Nadu

 The AIDMK merger produced the authority by endearing 134 seats here.  The DMK-Congress alliance got 98 seats.

 Sangram in 140 seats in Kerala

 Kerala, the last few throttlehold of the absent in the country, is calibrate to stow elections in 140 seats.  at this time is a league command of gone parties and Congress.  The gone has 91 seats and house of representatives 47.  The BJP and others explanation for 1-1 seats.

 30 construction seats in Puducherry

 Puducherry Union Territory has 30 seats.  near are 3 nominated members in the governmental Assembly.  hence remote the assembly has been a league government, but clearly go on week a lot of MLAs absent the Congress, causing the administration to fall.  CM Narayanasamy had to resign.  Presidential management is at this time in pry open here.

 In 2016, the house of representatives won 19 seats here.  AINRC, AIADMK won 4-4 seats.  BJP had 2 nominated members.  Seven members of lower house resigned final week, goodbye the authority with barely 12 MLAs missing.

Asam election date 2021

West Bengal election date 2021

Kerala election date 2021

Tamilnadu election date 2021

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