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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Anti-virus tools: Use these 7 tools operated by the Government & protect your phone and PC from cyber attacks.

Anti-virus tools: Use these 7 tools operated by the Government & protect your phone and PC from cyber attacks.


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The office of Electronics and in a row Technology (MeitY) is constantly operational to dependable your digital device. He has as well produced a website called 'Cyber ​​Sanitation Center'. at this time are 7 tools to safeguard your smartphone, PC or maneuver from cyber attack. completely these tools are operated by the Indian PC disaster reply band (CERT-In) with shrewd Heal, ISKCON.

These tools bottle be old to hunt down botnet cleaning and malware. Botnets are old to bargain data, propel spam or other cyber attacks. The rule needs you to mistreat these 7 tools to get your hands on your maneuver and guard it from botnet attacks.

Tool number-1

Quick Heel Bat Removal Tool

This tool canister be downloaded for free. This tool is operated by the Indian central processing unit disaster reaction Team. This tool is deliberate for Microsoft Windows Operated Computer. This tool helps to name and strip off any botnet malware from the computer. This tool be able to be second-hand on a central processing unit with or without an antivirus program. It protects against numbers theft, but does not safeguard against other malware.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-2

ISKCON Antivirus Bot subtraction Tool

This tool besides facility to take away bots. It canister be downloaded for free simply like nippy Heel. This tool helps to ascertain and detach any botnet special effects in the computer. It container be second-hand to fast skim a processor and equate viruses. However, it does not present shelter from other malware. It preserve just be second-hand on Windows Operated PCs.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-3


The Indian laptop crisis rejoinder set additionally operates the ISKCON AV toolkit. This equipment is intended for machine smartphones. You bottle download this for free completely like any other tool. This examine removes the entire types of bots or viruses put on in your smartphone.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-4

USB Resistance Desktop Security

This gives guarantee to your desktop. That is, it pedals the scribble drive, brutally drive, faction handset and other USB supported diplomacy second-hand in the computer. It includes lots of skin like password protection, sedan be in power confidence and malware detection. This tool canister furthermore be downloaded for free. It moving parts on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-5

Application Whitelisting Software

It container be second-hand on Windows in service system. This is a desktop based product whitelisting solution. This allows pre-approval collection to be executed. You canister download this software discretely for Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-6

JSGuard Firefox jungle Browser

JSGuard is a browser extra time old for the Firebox confusion browser. This prevents HTML and JavaScript attacks on the browser. It be able to and be downloaded for free. This is a exceedingly of use tool for users in a row the Internet on Mozilla Firebox.

Click here to download this tool

Tool number-7

JSGuard Google Chrome

Like Mozilla Firefox, JSGuard has produced a browser lengthening for Google Chrome. This browser furthermore prevents attacks from HTML and JavaScript. You container moreover download it for free.

Click here to download this tool

Anti-virus tools: habit these 7 tools operated by the direction and shelter your mobile phone and computer from cyber attacks.

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