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Monday, 22 February 2021


 Reference: (1) Correspondence No .: GCERT / CNDE / 2020 / 4-203 Dt. epistle No. 01/02/2050 (2): GCERT / C&E / 2020 / 12-9 Dt. 6/08/2050 Mr., according to the above subject and perspective coVID - for the perseverance of assessment with homling during the interlude of 19 in the crucial schools in January in every method in Std. 6 to 8 environment and Std. 6 to 8 bulletin assessment of do science and science subject. on the subject of the assess to be full as apiece the schedule in February 2021, it is requested to get promote action from your aim care in view the next matters. In the month of February, tests of Gujarati (first language) and Mathematics, English and Hindi in Std. 6 and 7 and English, Hindi and Sanskrit subjects in Std. It is to be celebrated at this point that the rendezvous of teaching department. 

 According to the tenacity of 15/06/2050, comparable tests comprise to be full in Gujarati (first language), mathematics, do science and science subjects. Self-supporting and grant-aided schools bottle voluntarily take away tests of subjects that are in addendum to these four subjects this month. Gujarati (second language) as a substitute of English in English mode and Gujarati (second language) as a replacement for of Hindi in Hindi middle will be tested. The above periodic evaluation tests seized from 9/06/2081 to 9/06/2071. . . Is coming. . exceptional directions about implementation of the try will be agreed anon if required.

The Gujarat Smart culture App helps the students to safe supplementary inscription who are studying in SSC and 11 & 12 Science & retail spurt in GSEB. This gseb app covers mutually English and Gujarati standard GSEB Students beside with GSEB Results. In this App we come up with tried to allocate students to pick up their instructive knowledge. By by this App, Students bottle make progress their instructive realization and fasten other letters in their irrevocable examinations.

Currently this App provides MCQs of textbook, MCQs of before day interrogate lecture and MCQs of optional extra preparation and every one of the subject information of measure 10 i.e. Maths, Science,Social Science,English,Gujarati,Sanskrit As ably as in touchstone 11,12 Physics, chemistry , environmental science and Maths.

In this gseb app, for new prepare for students, we are tallying questions on reliable basis. therefore the scholar tin investigate greatest questions answers.

The GSEB APP hold two modes...

1) find out form : In this manner students canister prepare carry out of diverse subjects as apiece their requirement

2) Exam Mode : In Exam means the students be able to choose add up to of Questions for the GSEB the complete MCQ issue veer and bottle complete exam practice.

At the extremity of rehearsal learner bottle pick up the instant also. They be capable of keep posted their acquaintance by being paid the recent answers of their iniquitous answers.

Overall the “Gujarat Smart Education” is a noble app for the GSEB Students who requirements to assured greatest script in their examinations for Gujarat instruction Board

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