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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Puzzle with Solution - Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel || IQ Test

Puzzle with Solution - Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel || IQ Test

Puzzle Questions :-

Friends, IAS interview questions are at all times in the discussion. It is understood that any issue container be asked from the candidates in the UPSC exam. Candidates bite the dust a sweat to pitch this exam. hence we are screening you several such pleasurable UPSC questions and its answers. UPSC is measured to be a enormously fractious exam looked-for to which students design testing day and night. In UPSC, not just experience but furthermore personality is examined. Students preparing for UPSC preserve grow an aim from these questions on how the reaction to a seemingly regular matter is truly as unusual. 

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The game assumes undersized extent and hence it will subsist unadorned and dependable to take part in still on vulnerable devices.

Puzzle Answer :-

Answer :

Think that you are travelling with 10 passengers in A bus . So initially you are 10 + 1(you) passengers in the bus.

Now in 1st stand two passengers are left & 4 comes in the bus.
Show the passenger in the bus after first stand is 11-2+4=13.

Now on second stand. five left the bus and 2 passengers comes into comes in the bus. The passengers in the bus after second stand is 13 - 5 + 2=10

Now in third stand 2 passengers left the bus and 3comes in the bus. Now pessenger in the bus after third stand is 10-2+3=11.

So the answer is 11 passengers left in the bus is 11

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