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Friday, 30 April 2021

This symptom will appear in the body if the oxygen level is low, know when to go to the hospital

This symptom will appear in the body if the oxygen level is low, know when to go to the hospital

People from all over the country are crying out for help from Corona. People are making every effort to avoid transition. But nonetheless survived the new variant of the Corona. With this new form of corona, patients need more oxygen than a ventilator. Due to the rapidly increasing consumption of oxygen in the hospital and the sudden decrease, the patient is also dying on arrival at the hospital. This poses a risk to patients undergoing treatment in home isolation. It is important for patients undergoing treatment at home to know what are the symptoms of oxygen deprivation in the body and when they need to go to the hospital.

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AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria said that patients undergoing treatment in the home quarantine should check their oxygen saturation periodically. Keep a pulse oximeter device at home for this and keep checking by putting it on the finger of the hand. You should consult your doctor if the oxygen level remains below 90 in the reading.

If the patient's oxygen level is between 91 and 94, he should be asked to do proning exercises at home or to take a nap and take deep breaths in the prone position. Doing so will make a difference in your oxygen level.

Apart from this, if there is a lack of oxygen in the body, your face will turn brown and your lips will turn green. It is considered a symptom of cyanosis. Originally healthy oxygenated blood makes our skin glow red or pink but, such a symptom is seen when the body starts depleting oxygen.

Also, if your oxygen level is low and you are having trouble breathing, you should be admitted to the hospital without even waiting for a moment. Or you should consult your doctor. At present, there are around 3.50 lakh cases coming up in the country every day, which was a good thing yesterday. The number of people recovering from corona in the country also reached close to 2.50 lakh. While cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai saw a decline in the number of active cases.

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