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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Big news for 29 crore LIC account holders, this rule has changed from today

A major change has been implemented in LIC today. If you are also a customer of LIC, let us know about the change.

The rule changed from 10 May.

The office will be closed on Saturday and Sunday

The newspaper has also given an ad

The new rule came into force on May 10

If you have any job in LIC office, you need to know this new rule. From May 10, LIC's office will have only 5 working days. The office will be completely closed on Saturday and Sunday.

"In the notification dated April 15, 2021, the Government of India has declared a public holiday every Saturday for the Life Insurance Corporation of India," the company said in a public notice.

Let me tell you that the Government has made this change under Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. If you have any work in LIC office, you have to go between Monday and Friday. There will be a holiday on Saturday and Sunday. The office will be open only from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

LIC has also spread the word in the press. This rule will come into force from May 10.

Policy for Kanyadan

Life Insurance Corporation of India is planning a large fund for Kanyadan. LIC has come up with a special plan for daughters. In which you will get Rs 27 lakh for your daughter's Kanyadan. You have to deposit Rs 121 per day in Kanyadan policy.

In this situation the daughter will get 1 lakh every year

In LIC's Kanyadan policy, you have to deposit Rs 121 per day i.e. Rs 3600 per month. You can also reduce the amount of premium. Apart from that, if you die after taking the policy, you do not have to pay premium. The daughter will also get Rs 1 lakh every year. Except that. On completion of 25 years, the nominee will get a separate Rs 27 lakh.

Death Benefit Involved

This Kanyadan policy also includes Death Benefit. To put it simply, if the policyholder dies for any reason after taking the policy, the family does not have to pay the outstanding premium. The premium has to be paid for 22 years after taking this policy.

Take a look at the policy

The policy is taken for 25 years

Premium has to be paid for 22 years

You have to deposit Rs 3600 per month for Rs 121 per day

The daughter will get Rs 1 lakh during the year in addition to the policy

On completion of the policy, the nominee will get Rs 27 lakh.

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You can take this policy at any age

Kanyadan should be 30 years of age for the policy and daughter should be 1 year of age. This plan is available for 25 years but you have to pay premium for 22 years only.

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