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Saturday, 29 May 2021

There is no need to panic about Mucormycosis, fungus can be cured with this desi home remedy, know.

 There is no need to panic about Mucormycosis, fungus can be cured with this desi home remedy, know.

Hello friends, we know that Corona caused an uproar in our country and many people lost their lives because of Corona. Then again an epidemic has erupted and the name of this epidemic is Mukarmycosis. This epidemic is growing very fast in our country. Mukarmycosis is an infection of our eye.

We know that even in the corona epidemic in our country, people were treated at home and got protection against corona. In the same way, we can treat mucomycosis at home and get protection against it.

It is also written in our scriptures that we can get protection against any disease by treating Ayurveda. Today we will talk about how we can get protection against mucomycosis sitting at home.

Turmeric and ginger

The best treatment in Ayurveda to prevent fungus is to prevent turmeric, neem and ginger. Turmeric Ajma No Nas Turmeric Ginger To rinse the bitter neem water, add turmeric, ginger, neem leaves in hot water and boil it till half a cup of water is left. Sulfur chemicals, health enhancing herbs like Triphala act as anti-fugal.

Sniffing stale or spoiled food can prevent fungus from entering the body along the trachea on spoiled items.

Drink half a cup of lukewarm water after boiling water

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According to Ayurvedic doctors, water should be heated first and turmeric and ajmo should be added to it and nine sex water should be taken. Inhalation of turmeric and ajma water can prevent the growth of fungus. Rinse with turmeric, ginger, bitter neem water. Due to which oral hygiene is maintained and fungus can be avoided. After heating pure water, add turmeric, ginger, bitter neem leaves and boil the water, then drink half a cup of nine roasted water which can protect against fungus.

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