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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What should be done to remove the fear among the villagers? Find out ..

The message became meaningless as the coroner's law-abiding people witnessed it firsthand

Introduction to spread awareness about reducing the fear of frightened people in rural areas

What did Jan Vikas and Nav Sarjan Trust write in the letter sent to the Chief Secretary and Health Secretary of Gujarat

Gandhinagar: There is an atmosphere of chaos and fear all around due to Corona. At the village level, Kovid has written to the Chief Secretary and Health Secretary of Gujarat on behalf of Janvikas and Navsarjan Trust to expedite the door-to-door health education activities in Gujarat by involving thousands of volunteer workers under 19.

"Our activity is to live with the rural poor in particular," said Gagan Sethi of Janvikas in a letter addressed to Martin McWan, the state's chief secretary and health secretary. As far as we know, there is an atmosphere of fear in the country due to the constant news of the ongoing disease. There is an urgent need to spread awareness at such times.

The biggest fear is not getting oxygen. In addition to explaining that not every sick person needs oxygen, it is important to measure the amount of oxygen. So that the fear in them is lessened. Pulse-oximeter should be arranged in every village. In addition, there is an atmosphere of great fear in small villages due to sudden more deaths than usual.

Fear itself contributes to the spread of the disease. Therefore, Kovid 19 and basic information needs to be delivered at home in simple language. Just wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance is not enough. This message becomes meaningless as the people who are aware of all these rules have seen it first hand. And the fear of death due to low vaccination at the village level is also said to be one of the reasons.

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What can be done?

Janvikas, Navsarjan Trust, Social Justice Center and other social organizations conducted an experiment in 1000 villages of Gujarat. In which the social workers of the organization delivered a kit to the village. Including pulse-oximeter, vaporizer, digital thermometer, illustrated booklet explaining the disease based on information released by the World Health Organization and the Government of India, paracetamol, balloons for breathing exercises, wash gloves for the worker, There are bottles of sanitizer etc. It also provides a four-minute video of how these tools can be used. The cost of this one kit is 3 thousand rupees. As soon as the kit reaches the village, there are demands for the kit from other villages as well. It is a tendency for people to contribute to it. If this work of education is taken up vigorously, the fear can be removed from it, said the social organizations.

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