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Monday, 6 September 2021

Josh Skills, india's No.1 Spoken English app

Josh Skills, in a  India's No.1 Spoken English app.

Apni Career ki Growth k Li-ye aaj hi install kare! Aaj hi seekhna shuru kare!

Josh Skills, in a india's No.1 Spoken English in a app

School of the Excellence vaali School nu School Inspector dvara Accreditation karva babat Latest in a  Paripatra

  • 13/9/2021 thi Accreditation start thashe.

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Download Circular : Click Here

English sikhna ab hogan hie arr bi asaan arr sirf English hi nah i ab sikhe aura baht kuch sirf Josh in a Skills app par. Ye hi hie sahi waqt, sudhare apni angrezi aura Sikh nay i cheeze arr chale waqt k sath kadam SE kadam mil kar. Download kare apne mobile par aur abhi shuru kare online in a  courses.

Choose from a numerous courses we have on our app. Pick in the best one and begin now without a any language barrier, ab Hindi main bhi sikhiye aapni mann pasand cheeze. Download kare arr padhna shuru kare apne mobile phone SE

Online Learning Courses:
Make a learning go in a digital, now learn to the talk English, learn to use a computer, learn about a content are  writing, learn a many different languages right on your phone, within just a few clicks by a Using in  the Josh Skills in a  app. Learn a new skills & the improve your skills at the same time. Zindagi mein aage badho Josh ke saath!

Key Features:
● You get a total of the  90 days to the practice and learn a English online with us
● Each a day one lesson is sent to you which will be a include audios and the  videos for your better understanding
● You have to give a only 15 minutes of the practice each day to the become better
● Our content begins from a level 1 and goes to the  level 10 step by a step
● Regular in a assignments are given with a each lesson, to check your progress
● We are focus on a reducing to your hesitation to the  speak in a  English. You give a answers by a recording audio and the  video

Types of  the Courses:📚
● Advanced in a English Practice in a  Course
● Bang-la, Punjabi & the Marathi Basic Computer in a Skills
● Bang-la, Punjabi & the Marathi Public Speaking in a Course
● Bang-la, Punjabi &  the Marathi Spoken in a  English Course
● Bang-la & Marathi Personality Development in a Course
● Online Business Marathi with a An-and Dix-it
● Master in  the Skill of the Mobile Photography
● Global in a  General Knowledge Course
● Online Blogging se Paise Kaise Kamaye?
● Graphic in a Designing
● How to get a Job?
● Learn a Video Editing Professionally!
● Content in a Writer Kaise Bane?
● Time Management

Spoken English:
Ab English bola Sikh bin kiss jhanjat k, gar baitey sikhe English. Sudhare aapni angrezi bin koi class mien admission lye, English Sikh aapne mobile SE kiss i bi u mar mien. Top English sikhne ka app

Personal Finance:
Ghar bathe passe kamaye, Sikh stock market arr personal finance k bare main. Learn about a investing, growing to your money, paise banane ke nuskhe, sikhe taxe k bare main and every other complicated in a finance factor from the comfort of your homes

Personality Development:
Learn about in a personality development, how to make a yourself dynamic when it comes to the creating a professional impression. Learn a speaking English course and make an a impact

Public speaking:
A very common lesson in that most people find a difficult is a public speaking, learn how to the  grow your confidence when a speaking in front of a group of the people, sikhe bolne ke aur apni pehchan banane ke tarike

Digital Marketing:
This is the age of the digitization, learn  a digital marketing and the skills around every digital spectating. As the markets are getting in a  digital, this is the best time to take this up and enter in the digital market

Computer Skills:
ISS nay dour mien waqt k sat kadma SE kadam mila k chale, aapne gar bait he computer chalana sheikh. Use in this as a computer learning app & the  master basic as well as a advanced computer skills to the  create a huge impact.

અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો જોશ સ્કિલ સ્પોકન ઈંગ્લીશ એપ

Content Writing:
You know in that you have to the ability to the  write but you want to the master it on a professional in a  level, this is the right place for you. Opt for in  the best content are writing in a courses and in the leave a lasting in a impression

About in this subscription:
Enroll in all the courses with a one subscription - Paaiye access to the  25+ current courses & the 200+ future courses for a 1 year, without a paying anything extra. No conditions apply. Introductory are offer only

✔️ Get All the  Courses at one flat in a price 
✔️ Access to the 200+ courses throughout in the year
✔️ Video, PDF & the Quiz based are learning

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