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Saturday, 30 April 2022

April 30 Marks The First Solar Eclipse Of The Year 2022

April 30 Marks The First Solar Eclipse Of The Year 2022

April 30 marks the first solar eclipse of the year

 It is believed that pregnant women should not go out during the eclipse.  Because it can affect her unborn child.  Apart from religion and astrology, science has also given reasons behind it. 

 A solar eclipse is an astronomical event and when there is an eclipse, a lot of waves are emitted during it, which are harmful to health.  Thus, these harmful waves affect everyone but the fetus is most affected.  Apart from this, during the eclipse, the level of negative energy in the universe increases drastically, which has the worst effect on pregnant women.

Pregnant women should keep these things in mind 1. To avoid the negativity that arises during the eclipse, pregnant women should chant in a clean place inside the house during the eclipse.  Which will increase positivity. 

 It would be good to chant Om.  2. Do not use any sharp or sharp objects during solar eclipse.  Which has a negative effect on the unborn baby.  As long as possible do not eat anything during the eclipse.  If you need to eat or drink, add basil leaves to deficient foods and water.

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