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Sunday, 24 April 2022

Std 10 and 12 Result 2022 News Updates

Std 10 and 12 Result 2022 As High as 70%, but 90% of Students Will Drop, 50% of Teachers Will Delay in Paper Checking

This time in two years in Gujarat Std. 10 and 12 board exams have been held. At present, the answer script of the board's paper is being checked in the state. The board has prepared a special report on the results this year, the answers written by the students and the problems they are facing. The biggest issue is the absence of teachers who come to check the papers. This is nothing new, but this year about 50% of the teachers did not come to check the paper. Corona, on the other hand, has seen a complete lack of quality in the writing of students who have studied online for two years. With an easy paper and optional answer system this year, the board's result will be around 70%, but the scoring is set to be low.

Gulli in checking the papers of 50% teachers of Rajkot

Speaking of Rajkot, this year a total of 25 Central Assessment Centers have been set up at Std. Papers of 10 and 12 have been checked. Divyabhaskar conducted a survey in this regard and found that this year also 50% of the teachers have been slapped in the paper test. The board has set a penalty for this, but the amount is Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 5,000 is trivial. And yet the teachers present at the paper checking have demanded for its strict implementation.


230 teachers will be given reasoned notice, action will be taken

Rajkot DEO B.S. In Rajkot district, 4000 teachers were ordered to undergo paper examination, Kaila said. About 60% of these teachers are present in the paper examination. While 230 teachers who were absent without any reason have been given notice. Gullibaj teachers will have to give an explanation in three days. If they do not get a satisfactory answer, they will be penalized.

Demand for the school to do the paper checking instead of the teachers

Jatin Bharade, vice-president of Swanirbhar School Board of Directors, told Divya Bhaskar that this year will see a slight change in the results of the board. The number of high scoring students above 85% to 90% will decrease. But against that the students with 60 to 80% will grow. The main reason for this is online education, due to which quality text is not found in the answer books. Earlier on the issue of absence of teachers in the paper test, we had suggested to the chairman of the board that the paper test should be ordered directly to the school instead of the teachers, but this did not happen.

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Delay in instructing teachers to check the answers one by one

This year paper testing is taking more time due to optional system. Students are instructed to check each written question and validate the question which has the highest mark. This can lead to higher results. Teachers, on the other hand, said that during the Corona period, students got online study, so the quality of text was not seen in the answers to the questions like every year.

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