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Saturday, 7 May 2022

2 planes flying in the sky collided with each other and killed the passengers ,Watch the video ..!

2 planes flying in the sky are collided with a each other and killed in  the passengers ,Watch in the video ..!
Now a days celestial phenomena like a falling in a stars, meteor showers as well as the passing of any a satellite etc. are often seen a going viral on a social media, people are also very interested to see such a  phenomena. An a eight-year-old video has a gone viral.

In which a plane is a flying in the air. Suddenly a new plane comes next to it and both planes in a collide. In a fact, the plane crash are happened in a November on 2013. The accident happened near a Wisconsin. In  a fact, the two planes were a flying together for a sky diving in a training.

Because in the men inside were doing a sky diving. They had to jump at the same time so the two planes were a flying very close. But the pilot lost a control and the two planes collided. Finally, a wearing in the passenger's parachute are inside, they are immediately started a jumping from a one plane after a another. 

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The aircraft's windshield was a broken. Which are caused in the plane to catch fire. So they had to the jump out of it. If the skydivers inside it had not a jumped, they would not be a alive today.

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