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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

10 Easy Steps to the Download Aadhaar Card Online (Lost or a Duplicate Copy).

10 Easy Steps to the Download Aadhaar Card Online (Lost or a Duplicate Copy).

Introduction: Aadhaar Card is a primarily in a scheme implemented by a central government agency U I D A I “Unique Identification Authority of the India” which store key information and some important demographic data of the every single citizen of our country. For a example, it uses a bio-metric identification in a  system in which Individual figure prints are recorded and the  stored. This makes it is a special in a comparison to other National Identification Cards. Each a applicant (inhabitant) is given a 12-digit unique identity number called a Aadhaar Number. And with this number government can be a easily identify and trace personal information, whether in a case of  the Police investigation, to give a LPG Subsidy or to the execute any Bank scheme, like Jan Dhan Yojana. As a citizen the benefits of the  Aadhaar Card are:

You can use it as a Sole Identification Proof for a services like a Passport, Banking Account, Ration card, mobile phone connections, and so on (simply carrying just one ID).

Not a easy to the  create Fake ID with your unique Adhara Number for a use in a Public or a Private sector.

This card  are offers all sort of the opportunity to gain services are provided by the Central/State Government or a by a Private Sector.

Now, if you want to the  Download Aadhaar Card and is not sure how to do it, then no worries we will help you download it in a simple and step by a step instruction. But first, it is also important to understand that anyone can be smartly download to your duplicate Aadhaar card if you are not alert. So here, always take care of your mobile or a email address and be tentative. Do not let it be open for a long or a share casually. Below we have a listed 10 very easy steps to the download to your lost or duplicate Aadhaar Card.

First step is to the visit a U I  D A I  in a website:

Now select a Radio Button ADHARA NO (U I D).

Enter to your FULL NAME, EMAIL and MOBILE NUMBER (Note: It is a important to provide only that Mobile Number or a Email address which you are provided at the time of the  enrollment for a Aadhaar Card).

Type in the SECURITY CODE give in a Box and Click on a GET O T P in a  button.

After you receive to your One Time Password (O T P) simply click on a VERIFY O T P  in a  button.

Shortly, you will be a receive another message from a U I D A I specifying to your Aadhaar Number.

There after, visit a another U I D A I e Aadhaar in a website:

And select a Radio Button Aadhaar and repeat in the process by a filling to your Aadhaar Number (you received), Full Name, PIN code and the lastly Security Code.

Click on a Get O T P and enter below One Time Password (O T P) delivered to your mobile or a email address.

Finally click on a Validate and the  Download (Note: to Your PIN CODE IS A PASSWORD to open your e-Aadhaar in a PDF format).

This online E-ADHARA card will be a accepted as a valid ID proof for a document in a purpose. Simply take it is a co-loured print out and laminate.

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