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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

4 Major Mat has in a 4 Regions of the India.

4 Major Mat has in a 4 Regions of  the India.

Math is a Sanskrit word and also a refers to a monastery in a Buddhism and Jainism. The math tradition of the Hinduism involved in a education,support a studies,culture and also the place where many new texts were composed. Audi Shankara has a established four a major mat-has in a different regions of the India and list is as a follows.

Govardhana Matha, Odis-ha – Rig Veda

Govardhana mat-ha is a located in the coastal city of the  Puri  in a Odis-ha and associated with the Lord Jagannath temple. The Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent from a Bihar to till the Rajamundry and the Orissa to the  Arunachal Pradesh,comes under in  this Math.

Sharada Peetham, Karnataka – Yajur Veda

Sringeri Sharada Peetha was a established by a Adi Shankara on the banks of the Tunga River in a Chikkamagalur district in a Karnataka. Town of the  Sringeri is the site of the first Mat ha in a India and one of the famous mat-ha in a Karnataka state along with a Ramachandrapura in a  Math

Dwaraka Pitha, Gujarat – Sama Veda

Dwaraka Matha is also called as a Saradha Matha is a situated in the ancient coastal city of  the Dwaraka in a Gujarat. It is one of the four cardinal mat-has established by a Adi Shankara and associated with a Dwarakadheesh Temple.

Jyotir Math, Uttarakhand – Atharva Veda

Jyotir Math or a Jyotir Pitha is located in a city with a same name Jyotirmath in a Chamoli district of the  Uttarakhand. Jyotirmath is a gateway to the  Himalayan mountains,trekking and the pilgrim centers like a Badrinath and Auli Rope way, one of the longest rope way in a India.

Other Famous Mat has in a India

Gaudapadacharya Mat ha, Goa

Kanchi Mat ha, Tamil Nadu

Belur Mat ha, West Bengal

Kashi Math, Ut-tar Pradesh

Ramachandrapura Math, Karnataka

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