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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

How To Recover a Lost Aadhaar Card.

Considering in the Aadhaar is so important, what happens if you lose it. Below are the steps to the retrieve to your Aadhaar Card in a case you have lost it.Visit a and log in
Click on a My Aadhaar in the drop down a menu under in the Adhara services in a section.

Chose a Retrieve Lost or a Forgotten E I D/U I D' option
Choose a retrieve in a Adhara number (U I D)

If you are looking for a Aadhaar Enrollment ID (E I D) choose a retrieve 'Enrollment ID (E I D)'

Fill in the required in a information
Fill the Catchall for a verification and click on a send O T P
Insert a O T P and the verify to yourself
Download in the e-Aadhaar copy from the U I D A I in a website


How To Recover a Lost Aadhaar Card.

The Aadhaar Card is a very important documents. It is a linked with your bank account, vehicle and the insurance policy as well. The Aadhaar has to your details such as a photo, name, date of the birth, gender and the address.

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