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Friday, 5 August 2022

10 Best Punjabi Street Food Everyone Must be Taste.

10 Best Punjabi Street Food Everyone Must be Taste.

Best Punjabi Street Food:

Punjab is a place of the delicacies and that is why it has a some mouth-watering street food items which will be  a completely leave you speechless. If you want to taste in the real flavor of the  Punjab then you must be try out different Street foods available in this state.

1. Lassie

It is one of the most popular items in a Punjab which is liked by all. The most important ingredient in a lassie is yogurt and it is a easily available everywhere. The thick texture of the lassie with a bit of the  fruit and special spices will be a satisfy to your thirst to the fullest.

Best Punjabi Street Food - Lassi

Sometimes in the lassie are topped with a some different types of the dry fruits and flavored in a  syrups. It is a mostly liked by in the people in  a Punjab because, in hot weather, it is the perfect match to have a some cool lassie
2. Chole Bhature

This is one of the most famous breakfast or a lunch item of the  Punjab and you can get it almost everywhere in this state. If you ask for a ch-hole bhature then you will be a served with a gravy with a ch-hole and bhature separately. A single plate of the  chole bhature will be make you full for a day and you would not feel like a eating anything else soon.

Chole Bhature

So if you want some item to the eat at a particular point of the time when you are too much hungry and do not want to eat anything after that then this one is the great choice for you.

3. Paratha

There are a very less number of the people who come to the Punjab and do not have a parantha here. Different types of the  paranthas are available in a Punjab and it is one of the most famous staple food of this place.


You can opt for a having aloe paratha, Gobi paratha, pane-er paratha, cheese paratha etc. as per your convenience. You will be a given paratha along with a some achar made of the different fruits and vegetables.

4. Galapagos

Galapagos are famous in the whole country and the  Punjab, you will be get one of the spiciest Galapagos you have tasted ever. These are small crispy purees which are served with a mashed potato with a some spices and dipped in a tamarind water.


A famous saying is there that whenever you will be feel happy or a sad, you can have a some golgappa to the  celebrate to your happiness or to forget your sorrow.

5. Pav Bhaji

This dish was a invented to give a small quick meal to the mill workers so that they can be get back to the work on time. Pav is a fried with a butter and in the Bhaji is made with a different types of the  vegetables mixed.

Pav Bhaji Recipe

Though it was a invented for a convenience now it is a big hit in a India because of it is a delicious taste and spicy flavor. So if you go to Punjab then roadside Pav Bhajis are must-have for you.

6. Tikki

Among all the Punjabi street foods, Tikki is a quite famous because of it is a ease to make. It is also a very easily available Punjabi street food which is made with a potato. The potato is a mashed and then fried with a some spices in it. If you like a eating chats then you can try out Tikki chat for a sure.


In this item, they will be cut in the tikkis into a small pieces and will be  give you after a sprinkling some spices on it.

7. Pakora

This is a really popular item throughout in a India because of it is a easy to make recipes and so many vegetables available to make it. It is a go-to item in a Punjab and almost everyone prefers some pakoras during in their evening snacks along with a tea or a any other beverages.


There are different vegetables available to make a pakora like a potato, Mir-chi, tomato, onion etc. and if you are a vegetarian and still wants to have a good appetizer item in a Punjab then this one will be a perfect fit for you.

8. Tadka

If you go to any a Punjabi Dhaba then in the first item you will be see everywhere around you is a tadka. Some tadka with a chapati is kind of the  staple food for them. If you want to have a some non-veg then you can opt for a egg tadka or a chicken tadka.


But if you want pure vegetarian tadka then also you can opt for a normal dal tadka with your chapati. So if you have a gone to Punjab and did not have a tadka at all then your whole journey is a complete waste.

9. Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is a very famous food item in a Punjab. They make a dal vada of the  large sizes and then dip them in the curd along with a some spices and sweet chutney. It is a wholesome food item in the streets of the Punjab and you can have it as your tiff-in or snacks anytime in a day.

Dahi Bhalla Recipe

So if you want to taste in the traditional flavor of the  Punjab then Dahi Bhalla is the best street food you can taste. Because it will be  give you all the spices you need inside to your mouth to savor in the taste for a long time.

10. Amritsar i Kulcha

Kulcha is itself a very heavy food item and if you are quite hungry and want to have a something right now then and Amritsar i Kulcha will do the needful for you. In a Kulcha the parathas are made with a some stuffing which is a enough to have as a meal.

Amritsari Kulcha

Generally, Amritsar i Kulchas are fried with a butter and also a served with a dollop of the  butter on it. So if you are not a health-conscious person then this is a must-try item for you.

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So these were some interesting Street foods of the  Punjab which will be blow to your mind instantly. So if you decide to come to the  Punjab and try out some traditional food there then this will be a quite a good choice for you.

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