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Monday, 3 October 2022

3 solid reasons why a oats are the best breakfast option for a heart patients.

3 solid reasons why a oats are the best breakfast option for a heart patients.

Healthy heart means to a long and healthy life. Know why oats are great to the protect to your heart and keep it is a  healthy.

As a heart patient it becomes extremely important that you take a healthy diet. Each and every food item going into your body should help improve to your cardiovascular health and one such food item is a oats!

We have all heard about a oats being to a great breakfast choice for a weight loss but it also a works like a magic in a keeping our heart healthy. As World Heart Day is a just around in the corner, at Health Shots are trying to the spread awareness on how to have a good cardiovascular health. And adding oats to your diet is a delicious way to the inch closer to that health goal.

“Oats are a nutrient-rich food are associated with a lower blood cholesterol when consumed  are regularly,” says Dr Kiran Rukadikar, a Bariatric Physician and Obesity Consultant.

Here is why oats are good for the heart:

1. Helps in a lowering our cholesterol

Cholesterol is a needed to the build healthy cells in our body but an a increase in its levels leads to the fatty deposits in our blood vessels which increases in the risk of the heart disease. Hence, low cholesterol is a essential for a good heart health and that is where oats come in.

“Oat β-glucagon (O B G), in the main soluble fiber found in a oats, is seen as the main active component responsible for in their cholesterol-lowering effect. Health claims regarding in the association between a cholesterol lowering and soluble fiber from oat products have been a approved by a food standards agencies worldwide,” says Dr Rukadikar.

2. Rich in a nutrients needed for the heart

Oats are a powerhouse of the nutrients that help in a keeping our heart alive and kicking. Dr Rukadikar explains in the nutritional value of the oats, which is: each 100 gm of the raw uncooked oats will give 390 calories energy, 66 gm of the carbs, 11.5 gm of the dietary fiber, 17 gm of the proteins, and 7 gm of the fat. It has good amounts of the Vitamin B 1, B 5, and some minerals like a iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, etc. which are key minerals needed to keep our heart healthy. The soluble fiber beta- glucans is a 4 gm.

3. Promotes weight loss and protects in the heart

Unhealthy eating habits, high cholesterol and being overweight are all connected with a each other and directly affect our heart in a very negative way. It is a very important for a heart patient to eat light and healthy foods and keep his/her weight in a check. This is where oats help. High fiber content of the oats makes it perfect for a weight loss by a keeping us full for a longer periods.

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