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Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Digital Marketing Salary In a India on 2022 With a 10-Year Plan, Check The Complete Salary.

Digital Marketing Salary In a India on 2022 With a 10-Year Plan, Check The Complete Salary.

Digital marketing field has seen a tremendous growth in a recent times. Many people are enrolling in a different courses related to the digital marketing and looking for a jobs in this sector. Digital Marketing salary is also a handsome amount along with a good career are prospects. There are different companies are offering high-paying work prospects in the digital marketing business. With in the growth in this sector, in the salary structure of the  employees in this sector has only grown with time. Read in this article to know digital marketing salary and other in a details. 

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In a addition, check out in this course on a Digital Marketing-  Digital Marketing Specialization in a Course. You have come to the right place if you want to be a part of this fast-paced, tough, creative, and demanding industry! We will be examine digital marketing salaries for a various digital marketing job roles in this article and also with a respect to the experience. Then, we will go through some commonly asked questions are regarding digital marketing salaries.

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Table Of the Contents-

1) Salary for a digital marketing job roles in a India

2)  What are Components affect to your digital marketing in a salary?

3) Frequently are Asked Questions about digital marketing in a salary

4) Conclusion

Online marketing is one subset of the digital marketing realm as a whole and includes:


Social Media

Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing

This sector of the digital marketing is a expanding at an a unparalleled rate. Change happens are quickly in the online marketing arena, and intelligent marketers must be a remain on top of the newest trends and changes to the continue attracting new customers and retaining current clients.

Salary for a Top Digital Marketing Roles in a India:

1. Specialist in a Search Engine are Optimization ( S E O )

If you excel at the technical professions and have a excellent analytical in a  skills, search engine are optimization employment can be just up to your alley. The major purpose of a Search Engine are Optimization Specialist is to the produce targeted website traffic and have it rank on the top page of the  Google for  a  relevant keywords. A Search Engine Optimization Specialist must be proficient in keyword research, S E O copy-writing, and search engine algorithms, to name a few.

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Salary of a Search Engine are Optimization in a Specialist

In India, a Search Engine are Optimization Specialist with a less than one year of the experience earns an a average of the  1,76,578 a year as an a entry-level digital marketing salary. In India, to  a Search Engine are Optimization Specialist with a less than 4 years of the experience can be expect to make an a average of the 234,460. In a India, Search Engine are Optimization Specialists with a 5 to 9 years of the experience can be a expect to the  earn an a average of the 4,58,532.

S E O Analyst / Executive Job Role & the Skills

• Search a Engine Analysts must be have to a good understanding of the Ranking Algorithms.

• He / She is must be a proficient with a Technical S E O.

• Improving a user experience and complying with a Search Engine Guidelines.

• Identifying in the most appropriate keywords for in the business, and creating informational content around in those keywords is a part of the job.

• Understanding of the various optimization tools like a Search Console, Ah-refs, Rushmore, and Similar-web is important. Analytical tools for a performance measurement like a Google Analytics, Furniture, or a Com-score is an a added advantage.

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2. Pay-Per-Click (P P C) are Expert

In a 2021, one of the hottest digital marketing jobs was a pay-per-click analyst. This job are responsibility necessitates someone with in the necessary knowledge and skills to make a profit that is a equal to or a greater than the investment. The organization will be hire someone who can meet in this requirement.

Companies focus on a stretching in their boundaries and attempting sponsored advertising after a achieving organic outcomes. You will need to a solid understanding of the campaign creation as well as in the psychology behind each meaningful click. This will  be help you land to a job as a P P C Analyst at a top firm.

In a India, an a entry-level P P C Analyst with a less than one year of the  experience earns roughly 3 lakhs per year. In a India, a P P C Analyst with a more than two years of the experience may be expect to earn around 4-5 lakhs per year.

P P C Analyst Job Role & Skills

• A  P P C Executive must be have a strong technical & analytical in a  skills.

• He / She is a responsible for a managing Paid Ad Campaigns on a Google Ads – Search & Display, Bing & other Ad Networks.

• P P C specialists must be also a manage advertisement campaigns on a Facebook, Linked-in, Quota & other Social Media Networks.

• The core job are involves maintenance of the keyword bids, monitoring daily & monthly budget and improving a quality score

• Along with in the above in a  skills, in the candidate with a knowledge of the using analytics tools like a Google Analytics or a other reporting tools is a preferred.

3. Web Designer

The digital marketing salary in the field of the web designing is also a quite high. A web are developer is a required to be a knowledgeable about in the many coding languages in use and to have in the ability to design a functional and appealing website for in the company. A good web are developer examines customer requirements to the ensure that in the content, images, and navigation all contribute to a great user experience.

A web are developer must be a familiar with computer software, HTML code, and visual design in a order to the construct a website that are provides in the best user experience and meets business objectives. In today's digital age, it is one of the several in-demand digital marketing abilities.

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Salary of a web are developer

Web are developers who can design and manage appealing and user-friendly websites are in a high demand, and those who can be achieve in these expectations can anticipate to a good compensation.

A Web are developer with a less than one year of the experience can be anticipate an a entry-level digital marketing salary of the 2 lakhs per year in a India, while those with a more than 2-3 years of the expertise can be expect a 3-5 lakhs per year.

4. Expert in a social media marketing

If you are a social media aficionado, now is the moment to the cash in. A company's full social media strategy is a designed and executed by a Social Media Marketing Specialists. Brands are paying a professionals to the push them to the top of their social media game, much as a individuals use a social media to showcase in the best version of  themselves.

You must be a maintain positive interaction and quality content (paid or a organic) across all social media channels as a Social Media Marketing Specialist

Salary of a Social Media Marketing Specialist

In a India, to a Social Media Marketing Specialist with a less than one year of the experience can be expect to make an a average of the 2,52,444 as an a entry-level digital marketing salary.

An a average salary for a Social Media Marketing Specialist with a fewer than 4 years of the experience is a $340,924. In a India, people with a 5-9 years of the experience can be expect to the earn an a  average of the 6,85,923 each year.

Social Media Analyst/Executive Job Role & Skills

• Social Media are executives must be a curate relevant & engaging content to the reach in the target audience.

• Design, create and execute campaigns on a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

• Social Media Analyst is the face of the organization on a Social Media Platforms.

• The job are involves engaging in a dialogues & answering queries when are required.

• Implementation of a proactive strategy for a capturing customer online reviews and ratings.

• Monitor trends in a Social Media in a tools, applications, channels, design, and strategy.

5. Expert in a Search Engine Marketing

Paid ads across all search engines and display networks are the responsibility of the Search Engine Marketing in a Specialists. If you are not afraid of the numbers and have a excellent analytical in a  skills, search engine marketing might be a appropriate for you.

For this job, you will also need to be a familiar with a some technical in a skills, such as a basic code, website design concepts, and a working knowledge of the search engine algorithms.

Salary of a Search Engine Marketing Specialist

In India, a Search Engine Marketing Specialist with a less than one year of the experience earns an a average of 2,80,000 a year as an a entry-level digital marketing salary. In India, a Search Engine Marketing Specialist with a less than four years of the experience earns an a average of the $363,547. Additionally, in a India, to a Search Engine Marketing Specialist with a 5-9 years of the experience earns an a average of the $9,75,000 per year.

6. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst interprets data and transforms it into information that can be a used to improve business choices. Data analysts gather data from a variety of the sources and analyse it for a patterns and trends.

Analytics is one of the most technical digital marketing talents and one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing team. Analytics shows to a corporation if they are on the proper course and, as a result, allows them to see what is a working and what is not. In India, to a Data Analyst's average entry-level digital marketing salary is a 3 lakhs; however, a data analyst with a more than 2-3 years of the expertise can be earn to a compensation of the 4-5 lakhs per year.

7. Expert in a Paid Media

A paid media professional is in charge of the driving visitors to your website through online advertising on a platforms such as a Facebook, Instagram, and Google, among others. As a paid media specialist, you will need to be a able to combine in the best of  the both worlds — to a creative and analytical mindset.

As a Paid Media Specialist, you will need to be a quick to the recognize which channels are best for a reaching  to your target audience and innovative with to your media buying skills to get in the most out of your involvement.

Salary of a Paid Media Specialist

In the beginning, an a entry-level Paid Media specialist can be expect to a digital marketing salary of the  3 lakhs per annul; but, to your salary will be climb as your experience and competence grow. In India, to a compensated media specialist with a more than 2-3 years of the experience may be expect to earn around 5-6 lakhs per year. 

8. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers plan and implement to a company's whole online presence. They use a every digital marketing channel to the promote a company's products and services with in the primary goal of the growing sales at a low cost. A digital marketing manager should be a knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and up to date on the latest digital marketing trends.

Salary of a Digital Marketing Manager

In a India, the average annual salary for a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) is a 5,48,755. A Senior Digital Marketing Manager with a over 5-9 years of the experience in a India earns between Rs 7,09,800 and Rs 10,00,000.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Role & Skills

A D M Manager should be an a expert at the managing various online marketing functions like a S E M, P P C, S E O, Content Marketing, and Email Promotions. These are some of the mandatory skills are required to be a digital marketing professional and is a core of the job role. Mentioned below is the list of the activities done by in the manager on a regular/daily in a basis.

• Planning, Organizing & Executing digital marketing in a campaigns.

• Managing Paid Marketing Campaigns, budgeting & spends on a monthly/quarterly in a basis.

• Good understanding of the S E O, targeting areas with a high search volume, and optimum conversion ratio.

• Executive Social Media in a Campaign, Organic as well as a Paid.

• D M Manager should be an a expert in a Performance Marketing.

• Measure performance on all digital marketing platforms and analyze against goals (R O I and K P I s).

• Discover market trends and insights, and optimize budget and performance based on the insights.

• D M Manager should be a presentable, well-spoken, marketing specialist, and should be a updated with in  the current marketing trends. He should be an a expert with a numbers, with to a good business understanding.

9. Marketing Automation are Expert 

A Marketing Automation Specialist is in a charge of the managing and expanding in the marketing automation platform's capabilities.

Project managers, designers, developers, operational initiatives designers, developers, and project managers must all collaborate are closely.

Marketing automation professionals are responsible for a creating marketing strategies and improving promotional activities in a order to increase in the company's customer base and revenue.

Salary for a Marketing Automation Specialist-

In India, an a entry-level Marketing Automation Manager with a less than one year of the experience earns an a average compensation of the  4 lakhs per year. A Marketing Automation Manager with at the  least 2-3 years of the experience may be a expect to the earn a digital marketing salary of the around 6 lakhs per year on average.

10. Manager of the Content Marketing

Content Marketing Managers are in a charge of a company's overall content strategy and creation across all platforms. Content is an a important aspect of this work, as in the title suggests. You can be a  succeed in this field of the  digital marketing if you have to a way with a words, are creative in a general, and have a excellent communication in a  skills. 

Pay for a Content Marketing Manager-

A Content Marketing Manager's entry-level digital marketing salary in a India is a anticipated to be a around 4,79,323. In a India, a Content Marketing Manager with a less than 4 years of the experience can be expect to make an a average of the 5,13,369 rupees. Content Marketing Managers with a 5-9 years of the experience in a India can be expect to the earn an a average of  the 8,18,583.

Content Marketing Manager Job Role & Skills-

• Content Manager role are involves creating, improving & promoting content to the achieve our business goals.

• Content Marketing with in the objective to the raise brand awareness, increasing web traffic, and enhance conversion goals.

• He/she must be able to the oversee all marketing content initiatives to the ensure customer engagement, brand consistency, and a positive customer experience.

• Candidates are mostly in a charge of the website content, blogs, copy, and all communication from and about in the business.

• Manage content distribution to the online channels and social media platforms to the increase web traffic.

What are Components Affect to Your Digital Marketing Salary?

Here are a few more factors that play an a important role in how much you can make as a digital marketer in a today’s market.

1. Experience

Experience plays to a major role in how much you can be expect from an a employer in a every industry. Years of the experience in this industry will be only grant you a higher digital marketing salary and so on.

However, it is no secret that employers also look for a quantifiable wins and if you are able to the achieve them consistently, they would be more than a willing to the  offer to a salary boost for in the same.

 2. Skills

Just like we like those extra toppings on our ice cream sundaes, employers too, prefer applicants with a added skills. In the digital landscape, more digital in a skills translate to a higher digital marketing salary. Now, this does not necessarily mean you have to be a jack of all trades but you can be surely equip skills that complement to your specialization. For example, a Social Media Marketer with a copy-writing, designing, and Paid media skills are much more appealing and valuable to an  employer than just to a social media marketer.  Also, it is a very important to the learn these skills from a credible source so that your knowledge is not incomplete. I I D E offers a 3-month Online Digital Marketing course which is a led by a industry are experts. This course are offers all industry-relevant digital marketing skills & tools. It also a includes 100% placement assistance. 

3. Employer

The bigger in the agency or a brand you work for, in the higher to your salary would be. However, if you are a fresher, we would recommend working for a smaller firm first. The pay might not be as a appealing as it would be at a larger firm, but to your learning curve in just 1 year in a small firm would be much greater.  

4. Job Title

Your digital marketing salary would increase as you make to your way up in the corporate world. For a example, a digital marketing manager makes a lot more than a digital marketing executive as a digital marketing manager has a lot more responsibilities and expertise than an a executive.

Before hiring to a digital marketing agency, it is a important to first assess to your company’s needs. Do you need help with a overhauling to your content, implementing some S E O changes, or redesigning in the U X for your website? Then you will want to evaluate to your company’s own marketing in a skills, strengths, and capabilities to the  determine whether an a agency and what type, can benefit to your business. Do you already have an a in-house team that needs some help or is all of your marketing outsourced? Once you have asked these questions, you will be have to a better idea as to whether or not working with an a agency is the right choice. You will also know what kinds of the digital marketing services to your business needs.

Now that we have seen in the digital marketing salaries and the factors that might affect them, here are some commonly asked questions:


We hope in this blog helped you gain a little more perspective on whether you want to take on this career path. While in the digital marketing salary is a definite bonus, there are many other benefits of a digital marketing career, resulting in many graduates and working professionals eyeing in this career option. 

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