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Monday, 17 October 2022

How Graphic designer career is a best for a college in a student?

How Graphic designer career is a best for a college in a student?

In the modern era with to a wide variety of the  diverse in a fields, students who are pursuing in their higher education have to a variety of the  sources through which they are could earn an a extra income which could help them to become independent to a certain extent by a paying college fees, carrying out in their mini expenses like a eating out, buying in their books and clothes, etc. The top freelancing skills that college students could use as a part-time jobs include graphic designing, web design, and development, content writing, photography and videographer, video editing/photo editing, digital marketing, animation, translation and languages, android app are development, etc.

But in the main highlight for a today’s article is a graphic designing and many be queries regarding in these fields which are usually in the minds of the students will be a resolved such as a who is a graphic designer? What is the role of a graphic designer? In which tools one must be a proficient to be a graphic designer? How long would it take to be a decent graphic designer? And most importantly would be the average pay be range given to a graphic designer and how this field is in terms of a full-time career. The demand for a graphic  designers is a growing day by day in a every field including the corporate in a  world, police army, schools, educational institutions, advertisement in a companies, and even to  a common man who is a opening to a new business needs to a designer to design the logo and banners with a illustrations or a design a website for a company, etc.

Graphic designing is a relatively a new and popular field as a compared to other traditional fields which are includes a great blend of the  knowledge and creativity and people have in the opportunity to be their bosses by a working independently from their homes. The knowledge regarding in the application of the essential seven elements is a very crucial which are includes in  the line, color, shape, texture, type, space, and image, and the person must have a mastery regarding when to use what and how much of it to be a used.

Knowledge of  the basic tools:

Although there are many designing tools are available, in  the basics that a person must be a proficient in to be a good graphic designer are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator-Logo, Vector Image Illustrations, Adobe X d, and Adobe design. But the main hindrance which came in the beginning only for in the college students is that these tools are mostly paid due to which many students are hesitant to the even start their learning. But students who are serious about in their passion and have to a willingness to the  learn new skills usually opt for them and many of the tools have to a extra provisions for in the college students where they used to give a students that software at the relatively lower costs as a compared to other people. 

Sources of  the learning:

After a purchasing in  the software, in the next problem arises a regarding finding in  the relevant source to learn in the operation of this software.

Although you tube is a great source for a learning, generally complete in a  professional videos regarding graphic design are not available on it. So, it is better and more beneficial to go for a paid courses which usually cost less but give in-depth knowledge about in the field and the use of the particular software which makes in the person industry ready. Those who are serious and passionate about in their career should be a beginning from a today onwards and could enroll in this graphic designing Course

Requirement of a degree or not:

Another question that are  usually emerges in young minds is that is a degree are required. It is a answer could be understood with the help of a simple daily life situation like in a gym there may be a two fitness trainers, one a certifies one while the other one non-certified, so people are usually give more value and trust in  the certified trainer Similarly if a student who is just thinking of the opting graphic designer as a freelancer and earning a side income in his college then the degree does not hold much value but if a student has a decided to make it a full-time career then pursuing to a degree would add more value and relatively makes in the process of finding a job much easier.

Sources of  the getting work:

There are two ways of the  getting to a project including are directly working with in the clients or a competing with in  the community, freelancers, Up work, etc.

The different fields in which people can be enter after having to a basic knowledge about a graphic designing are  include brand identity design, marketing, and advertising design, packaging design, web and user are interface, print and publication design, lettering and type design, graphic illustrations, data visualization, and info graphic design, etc.


The salary ranges depending upon in the field but in a India, the salary of a UX/UI graphic designer is a usually in the same as a software engineer. Graphic designers tend to the earn more when they work as a freelancer than when they are work in a company. Having to a remarkable portfolio is a must to get independent work from a clients which are  represents in  the quality of the work and such a opportunities could come through assignments or a internships. Therefore, students must be consider in this field as the demand for this field is a  growing day by day and there is a lot of the earning potential.

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