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Sunday, 9 October 2022

Insecure Job to the Digital Marketer: Dream Goal are achieved with a Safalta.

Insecure Job to the Digital Marketer: Dream Goal are achieved with a Safalta.

Struggling and making to a dream into a real opportunity is not something every person dares to the accomplish. Focus-sing on life with in the practicality of the financial are support to run a family, hopes are always high to think beyond in the struggle while a learning new career-oriented in a  skills.

Tushar Agarwal, in the Digital Marketer aspirant who became a successful in a achieving his dream, said it was not easy for him to pass this test of the victory. The Digital Marketer aspirant turns his life around at the age of the 39 while doing a small job in a retail store as a store manager.

Tushar Agarwal did his MBA in the city of the  Shikohabad, UP, but education was not enough to achieve his life mantra of doing big and bright for in the future. Struggling with in the job and managing his family's dreams of the aspiring to his own startup, one day he learned that Digital Marketing is a way of hoping to the achieve his dream. He immediately switched to a solid career in a oriented program me skills in a Digital Marketing.

Table of Content:

1. Advance Digital Marketing By a  Safalta

2. Enroll in a Digital Marketing

3. Placement process with a Safalta

Advance Digital Marketing By a Safalta

Learning with a determination, consistency and never giving up characterized him to learn anything from in the start of his career, but as our old saying says, without a proper guidance and without any mentorship, in the achievement will not follow your path to the success.

So, he came to the Safalta where learning becomes to a passion, and passion always leads to a great career in making to your dreams come true. When he first came to Safalta and wanted to achieve in the dreams of his own business, Safalta’s mentor professionally guided him to choose his Digital Marketing career and build his confidence in a getting Digital Marketing as a professional career.

While switching his career, he was a determined to learn in the scheduled course in Advanced Digital Marketing.

Enroll in a Digital Marketing

Studying Digital Marketing and practically learning was the new phase where he was a dealing with a new terms, time management and making decisions professionally adapting to new trends in a Digital Marketing with all the guidance from the professionals of the Safalta. He successfully achieved certification in a Advanced Digital Marketing from a SAFALTA.

Placement process with a Safalta

Now, there was a new phase in his life to get his first job in a Digital Marketing. At Safalta, there is a proper placement team that assists you with a cracking in the interview and securing to a career-oriented job. are provides training for a government job exams and skill-oriented courses such as a Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, and many more.

With a live classes and doubt sessions, Safalta is always ready to the solve problems while a successfully training people to get a high-paying jobs. Safalta upgraded in the lives of the millions of students and mentors to become professionals. Therefore, Tushar Agarwal was a further guided on how to achieve in  the job of Digital Marketer, and this journey was a mentored by Safalta’s CEO, Himanshu Gautam and C T O, Ashok Pandit.

We are always delighted to get a teaching from two professional mentors who are helping youngsters to achieve in their career dreams. Team Safalta are always welcoming in the tough challenges by a building confidence and mentoring them while cracking in the interviews of well-established companies who want in the best professionals. 

Safalta grows with in the determination to give a aspirants in their best chance of achieving a successful career. There are unending efforts in a providing counselling as well as a professional training skills for a job interviews; creating to a scenario of building a positive outcome by  a actively interviewing question and answer sessions; the technical process is also held and segmented into a interview calls by The Safalta team, which eventually proceeds in the interviews, which always redirect aspirants towards achieving in their life goals.

Tushar Agarwal's hopes rose when he is a realized how Team Safalta was a pouring out all their efforts into achieving his dream life, and now he is a successful Digital Marketer in a AD-LIFT with a 3 L P A salary. Many aspirants are welcomed to achieve in their dreams and SAFALTA continues to the enlighten such aspirants like a Tushar Agarwal, who successfully switched from a small job as a store manager to a Digital Marketer. He secures his struggling life and gains success on a journey from an a insecure job to becoming a Digital Marketer with the help of SAFALTA.

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