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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Intermittent fasting: Put to a full stop to your cravings in these 5 ways.

Intermittent fasting: Put to a full stop to your cravings in these 5 ways.

Do you end up thinking about your favorite foods during in the intermittent fasting that triggers in the craving? If so, these 5 tips might help!

With in the craze for a diets, many people are following intermittent fasting to lose weight. It may be a turning out well for them, but there is also a section of the people who feel stuck in timed meals and eating a windows, especially when they feel like a eating something. Have you ever found to yourself craving during intermittent fasting? Well, indeed, hunger is a part of the intermittent fasting, but it can be a controlled.

Health Shots got in a touch with a Hari Lakshmi, Consultant Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai, to the suggest some best ways to beat cravings during in the intermittent fasting.

Lakshmi says, “Intermittent fasting is a type of the fasting where you do not consume food for a extended periods of the time, primarily to lose weight or to the fight any a other health in a problem. If you have been a considering indulging in a intermittent fasting, yet, you are unable to the  successfully do so because you tend to give into a food cravings. But there are a few proven ways which can help you fast without a any craving disruptions.”

Here are 5 ways to keep a craving at the bay during a intermittent fasting:

1. Increase to your water intake

Along with a keeping you hydrated, water helps in a regularizing to your hunger cycle. There are times when you may be feel that you are hungry, however, to your body may be simply be a short on water. People who tend to the drink more water throughout in the day, have a claimed to the feel less hungry. Water also a helps in a better absorption of your food.

2. Consume a protein-rich foods

Protein rich a foods help in a normalizing blood sugar levels and controlling appetite hormones which makes you feel a less hungry and helps you manage cravings. Protein also a helps you maintain lean muscle which is a essential for a weight loss.

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3. Increase a fiber intake

Fiber is well known to help with a digestion. Fiber-rich foods maintain blood sugar levels in the body and also a provide nutrition to good bacteria in the gut which help in a efficiently absorbing nutrients from the ingested food, making you feel less hungry.

4. Eat a slowly

When you eat too fast, it takes to your mind some time to the register that your stomach is a full, as a result of which, most people tend to eat more than a required and give into a cravings. Instead, eat slowly and concentrate on every bite which will be help you curb to your food intake.

5. Keep to yourself a busy

A lot of times, you may be feel that you are hungry, however, in the reality is that you are simply bored and are having to a cravings. While a practicing intermittent fasting, it is a imperative that you keep yourself busy and distracted from a food.

Other tips to keep in  a mind to the curb cravings:

1. Follow to a balanced diet plan to the ensure that you obtain all the nutrients because sometimes craving is the result of the lack of the nutrition in the body.

2. Along with a eating healthy, eat at the regular intervals. Your blood sugar levels may be drop if you skip to a meal, which might cause cravings.

3. There is no rule to the avoid calories completely when practicing intermittent fasting. But make sure when you eat, you add a healthy alternatives of the calories and eat in a moderation.

4. Chewing a gum is a great way to the reduce your appetite, which could prevent you from a overeating and can put a full stop on your cravings.

5. Understand in the difference between fasting and starving. Therefore, if your cravings are caused by a hunger, make sure you eat something. Otherwise, it can have in the opposite effect.

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