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Monday, 26 December 2022

Flush out spoiled bile from the body in one fell swoop without any side effects...

Flush out spoiled bile from the body in one fell swoop without any side effects...

Many people have problems related to alcohol in the body. This problem is more common in monsoon. Thus bad bile is found in excess in the small intestine. Due to which many problems occur in the body.

Vata, pitta and kapha problems are found in our body. This bile problem is found in our small intestine, large intestine and stomach. When this pitta is found in excess, this disordered bile problem gets absorbed in the body and gets mixed in the blood.

Many people take medicines instead of taking remedies to overcome this problem. But using medicine in this way causes side effects in the body. But this problem can be overcome with Yoga and Ayurveda. By doing both these experiments, bile can be released from the body. 

This pitta can be cured by doing the remedies we are giving to balance this pitta. For this, we are first telling the way to overcome this problem through yoga.

The asana called Akarna Dhanurasana is very useful for curing pitta problems. This is an asana that can be done even after a light breakfast. 

However this asana should never be done on bare ground. By doing asana three hours after a meal, the bile present in our intestines, consisting of the small intestine and the large intestine, comes out through vrechan i.e. diarrhoea. 

By doing these pitta remedies in this way, the veins are stretched.

In this way, keeping both the legs equal, cross the right hand over the left hand while keeping the right foot on the other foot. Bring this leg close to your left ear. 

Thus the position of touching the ears causes Karna Dhanurasana. In this position you should stay as long as possible. After this, slowly straighten the legs.

After this, do the same position on the other leg as well. Along with this, the right toe is also held by the left hand. Thus the toe of the left foot touches the right foot. Stay in normal breathing for as long as possible. 

Doing this asana puts pressure on the small and large intestines all over the abdomen, vayu and pitta, vayu and pitta are expelled through faeces. This completes one round. Do this round at least five times. In which maximum 10 rounds can be done.

Do this experiment five to ten times in the morning. Do it five times in the evening on an empty stomach. By doing this remedy, if there is any bad drink, it comes out. Ayurveda says that pitta should always be brought out through Vamana and Virechana. Otherwise, it causes terrible bile diseases. So anyone can do this asana.

If the remedies are done in Ayurveda, you should come up with a delicious churn. Anyone should consume two teaspoons of it in the evening before going to bed. This powder can be taken with warm water. This remedy should be done by people who are constipated and those taking any other powder should take only one teaspoon. So stop this remedy and consume this delicious virechan manthan.

So initially it is mandatory to take this powder once a week. 

Consuming this powder flushes out bad bile through diarrhea and prevents bile diseases. 

You can take this powder several times a week like once a week.

This powder is very tasty and has pitta soothing properties. 

Besides, it contains all pitta sedators like fennel, sugar, myrobalan. 

If you do this remedy once or twice a week, you will benefit a lot. 

Any good person can do this remedy. 

Taking it for two or three consecutive days when the anger of pitta is increased, calms the pitta.

Thus, it removes excess pitta. 

It does not cause any additional side effects in the body. 

Also works without any problem in the body. 

That is why this Ayurvedic remedy is very easy to do. 

We hope this information will be very useful for you.

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