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Wednesday, 28 December 2022

If you want to cure cold, cough and throat problem in just 10 minutes, know the remedy.

If you want to cure cold, cough and throat problem in just 10 minutes, know the remedy.

It is very troublesome when cold, cough and sore throat occur. If there is also the effect of cold, the throat starts to hurt. This condition is worst because it causes difficulty in eating and drinking. Even drinking water causes sore throat.

Often due to cough, there is swelling and pain in the throat. Even while talking, the throat starts to hurt and the cough starts. Let us tell you a remedy that gives relief from this condition in just 10 minutes. This solution is to take steam.

Steam is also known as Nas in Ayurveda. Inhalation opens the blocked nose and also clears the phlegm in the chest. Taking naas also cures cold. Today let us tell you in detail how much benefits the body gets from taking nas.

Nas isn't just for colds. 

Nasa can also be taken when there is cough, sore throat, phlegm and it is beneficial. 

However, different problems require different things.

If you have a cough, try adding mint and mint to the water you take. 

Using this item relieves sore throat and also relieves cough.

When acne occurs on the face, taking nasa cures the acne. 

Exfoliation removes dirt from the skin and also removes dead skin.

Breathing improves blood circulation. 

Taking steam through the nose while in the body opens the nose and also relieves headache.

Taking steam at the onset of a cold can cure the cold immediately and stop it from progressing. 

If you have phlegm and take a breath, the phlegm comes out as faeces.

If you are having trouble breathing while sleeping with a blocked nose due to a cold, keep inhaling for 10 minutes before going to bed. 

The nose will open immediately.

Steam should also be taken to strengthen the lungs. 

Inhaling steam improves lung function. 

And the problem related to lungs is removed. 

Balm should be added to the water for that.

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