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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Harmful to wear warm clothes at night!:Sweaters and hats can cause heart attacks, seizures, watch out for small children

Harmful to wear warm clothes at night!: Sweaters and hats can cause heart attacks, seizures, watch out for small children

રાતે ગરમ કપડાં પહેરવાં નુકસાનકારક!:સ્વેટર અને ટોપીને કારણે હાર્ટ-એટેકની શક્યતા, આવી શકે છે વાઇનો હુમલો, નાનાં બાળકોનું આ રીતે રાખો ધ્યાન

The bitter cold of winter has begun. 

If there is one thing that is common in winter, it is 'allergies'. 

Allergies can be caused due to wearing clothes on top of each other in winter season. 

So many people sleep in warm clothes even at night due to cold, which gives relief from cold, but can prove to be harmful to health.

Today in work news we will know why sleeping in warm clothes is harmful and what is the harm to health

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Question: Why is it harmful to sleep wearing a sweater?

Answer: Sleeping in a sweater at night gives relief from the cold, but there are many side effects in the body. 

These side effects are caused by the quality of the wool. 

Wool is a heat insulator. 

Wool traps air. 

Due to this reason the heat generated in our body gets blocked and does not come out. 

This way we avoid cold, but it affects our health.

Question: What should be done to prevent damage from hot clothes?

Answer: This is how to save…

Do not scratch if the skin is itchy or has a rash.

Apply any lotion only after consulting a doctor.

Do not bathe with very hot water, do not apply soap on the body.

Buy clothes in natural colors.

Do not place soft toys and synthetic fabric items on the bed.

Take care of cleanliness completely.

Question: Why does sleeping with warm clothes cause sleep problems?

Answer: Maintaining body temperature is very important for good sleep, but this is not possible by wearing warm clothes. 

Wearing a sweater traps the body temperature inside, leading to restlessness at night and sleeplessness and morning restlessness.

Question: Why should you not wear a woolen cap while sleeping at night?

Answer: One should not sleep wearing a woolen cap in winter. 

Wearing a woolen cap causes the most damage to the hair. 

This can lead to itchy scalp and blocked hair follicles. 

This can lead to scalp infection. 

If a woolen cap is tight, wearing it causes oil to collect on the scalp, which can cause various problems.

If you have to wear a hat while sleeping...

Wear a cotton cap.

Always wear a washed cap.

The cap should not be too tight.

If the child wears a cap, keep in mind that the cap should not cover his eyes and nose while sleeping.

Question: Can sleeping with a blanket over the head also be harmful?

Answer: Sleeping with a blanket over the head prevents the fresh oxygen in the room from entering the body. 

The oxygen inside the blanket keeps breathing. 

When there is a lack of oxygen inside the blanket, only impure air begins to enter the body, due to which blood circulation does not take place properly in all organs.

Apart from this, sleeping with the head covered with a blanket can cause these problems.

Sleeping with the head covered with a blanket starts accumulating carbon dioxide on the face. 

Due to this, mental and behavioral changes are seen.

Its worst effect is on the lungs. 

The lungs begin to contract, meaning gas exchange in the lungs does not work properly, which can lead to asthma, lethargy, dementia and frequent headaches.

Sleeping with the head covered can cause suffocation. 

In cold days, ventilation is not proper and windows are also closed, which is not good for health.

An epileptic seizure can occur when there is not enough oxygen.

Question: Feet get cold in winter, so what could be the problem of sleeping with socks on?

Answer : Sleeping wearing socks in winter is harmful because…

Wool protects against cold, but it does not absorb sweat.

So bacteria can grow.

Allergies can occur in hands and feet.

Blood circulation may also be a problem.

Wearing socks that are too tight can lead to problems with blood flow.

Sleeping with tight socks puts pressure on the nerves in the feet, which has a bad effect on heart health.

Overheating can be a problem, causing restlessness at night.

If you go to bed at night wearing socks worn during the day, skin allergies may occur.

Question: Can you sleep wearing cotton socks?

Answer: Cotton socks are better than wool socks. 

Cotton is a breathable fabric. 

It won't hurt if you sleep wearing it at night. 

Just remember not to wear too tight socks and take care of hygiene.

Question: What can be allergic to woolen socks and sweaters?

Answer : Some people get allergic if they wear sweaters, shawls made of poor quality wool and synthetic mix wool. 

So this will happen not only with sweaters, but also with blankets. 

This problem is also called clothing dermatitis. 

When you wear these clothes, the body reacts to the fibers, dyes or other chemicals in the clothes.

Sometimes the detergent used for washing hot clothes can also cause allergy. 

Try to wash clothes once with a fragrance and chemical free detergent. 

If allergy symptoms appear after this, it means that you are allergic to the detergent itself.

Question: Explain in detail about epilepsy caused by sleeping in warm clothes, what are its symptoms?

Answer: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. 

This disorder can lead to many diseases, in which a person starts having epileptic seizures due to some kind of problem in the brain.

Here are the symptoms of epilepsy...

Sudden anger


Repeatedly walking in one place

Feeling feverish

Blackouts or memory loss

Numbness for no reason

Sudden fall from standing

Repeating the same behavior

Tingling in the body

Constant clapping or hand rubbing

Sudden fear and inability to speak

Changes in the ability to touch, hear or smell

Fainting from time to time

Question: If you feel cold by not wearing warm clothes while sleeping, how can the problem be solved?

Ans: Usually feels a little chilly while sleeping. 

That is why it is most important to keep the room warm. 

It is not necessary to light a heater or stove for this. 

A room can also be kept warm by placing thick curtains and carpeting the floor.

How to keep a bed warm...

Instead of cotton sheets, keep a mattress.

You can sleep with a hot water bag.

One can also sleep with a heating gel pack.

Use a larger mattress.

Question: Small children do not cover properly at night, so is it harmful to sleep in warm clothes?

Answer: Take care of small children in winter like this...

Pay attention to the child's hands. 

Cover hands with a blanket or wear socks.

Wear soft cotton clothes under warm clothes.

Do not cover the baby's head while sleeping.

Baby doesn't sweat when he's sleeping... keep checking.

If the child's skin turns red and starts breathing rapidly while sleeping, remove the cap.

Let the child wear less clothing while sleeping. 

Excessive clothing can cause suffocation of the baby.

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