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Thursday, 26 January 2023

These 7 things act like poison for the brain, stop today if possible

આ 7 વસ્તુ મગજ માટે ઝેરની જેમ કામ કરે છે, બને તો આજે જ બંધ કરી દો

The brain is that part of our body's functioning that takes care of the whole body. Perhaps this is the reason why the human body develops on its own. But mind has to be taken care of. Explain that brain tumor is a very serious disease related to the brain. Its treatment is also very expensive.

That is why people are made aware of the causes of this disease by planning and holding rallies on 8th June. So that he can avoid this disease. Nowadays, avoiding the consumption of outside food as much as possible is very beneficial for the body.

Generally, the cause of this disease is bad eating habits and consumption of drugs. But sometimes it can also be genetic. In such a situation, there is a need to be more careful about the mind. Especially when it comes to drinking. Today we will tell you about some such foods which act like poison for the brain. Consuming it can cause brain tumor. Let us find out which are the foods that are dangerous for your brain.

Trans Fat: Foods that contain artificial trans fat. This has a bad effect on the mind. There are many studies that suggest that high intake of trans fat is associated with Alzheimer's, poor memory and reduced brain volume. You have to keep a distance from artificial trans fat. Foods with artificial trans fats include cakes, cookies and pies, microwave popcorn, frozen pizza, french fries, fried chicken, etc.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: There has been a lot of research on how bad high fructose drinks or anything made with refined sugar like soft drinks, sodas, fruit juices, etc. are for you. This not only causes the problem of diabetes, but is equally harmful for the brain. Its consumption also weakens the memory and affects the learning ability of the person. Along with this, many researches also show that it can also cause brain tumor. Remove it from your life today before it completely damages you.

Processed food: Eating processed food such as ready-made food, ready-to-eat food and instant noodles available in the market has a very bad effect on the health of the brain. It would be better if you eat fresh fruits, vegetables and make them at home. One of the biggest problems with food today is that it is a food that has to go through countless processes to be prepared. Which includes junk food, red meat and processed meat etc. This type of diet is harmful for both your mind and health. To keep the mind healthy, you should keep distance from it.

Fish high in mercury: Mercury is a neurotoxic element that has adverse effects on the developing fetus. This substance is commonly found in large fish such as shark and swordfish. If you also consume this type of fish, then stop eating it.

Refined Carbs: These days the intake of refined carbs has become very high. Due to which people's mind is also affected. There is a process followed in making refined carbs. In which a lot of sugar and chemicals are used to make food. Commercially available white bread, cakes or flour products fall under refined carbs. Consuming it can cause dementia. Explain that its consumption causes disruption in the functioning of the brain and this food damages the brain for a long time. If you remove it from your plate, you can also avoid problems like tumors.

Alcohol: Moderate consumption of alcohol and sometimes it acts like a medicine, but excessive consumption not only causes brain tumor but also many other physical and mental problems. In such a situation, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful for everyone, especially for children and pregnant women.

Aspartame: This is a food ingredient that artificial sugar is used to make. Sugar free products also fall into this category. Such products do more damage to the brain. However, it is considered safe to consume in small amounts. But it would be great if you stay away from its use.

In this way, many diseases can be avoided by avoiding the above mentioned foods. Hope this information will be useful for you and you will be healthy. Please share this useful information in public interest.

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