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Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Drink a spoonful of this in water for a few days, it will crush any stones and flush out the urine

Drink a spoonful of this in water for a few days, it will crush any stones and flush out the urine

In today's modern times, everyone is suffering from some or the other disease.A person's hectic lifestyle leads to many diseases.We will tell you about the home remedy for such a stone disease.

When salts and minerals freeze in the body, they turn into stones.Stones come in many shapes, the size of stones can be from 1, 2 mm to even larger than 12 mm.

Many people have stones in the kidney and many people have stones in the urinary bladder or in the urinary tract, this is a common problem, but it is very important to get it treated immediately, because it gets bigger day by day.

When the kidney in the body reduces its working capacity, the amount of sodium in the body is disturbed due to which kidney stones start forming.Stone pain is very unbearable, in which one has to face a lot of pain.

If the stone is small, drinking more water will flush the stone out through urine.Stone problems include bleeding while urinating, unbearable burning sensation in urination, pain in lower back.

Apple fruit is very beneficial if you want to break the stone and pass it out through urine, it contains a lot of nutrients.If you have problems with stones, you can make and drink apple juice on an empty stomach, which flushes out the stones in the kidney, urinary tract.

Green coconut water is very beneficial if you have stones, if you drink one coconut water daily, it helps to break the stones and pass them out through urine in a few days.Coconut water is very beneficial for the health of the body.It helps in making the kidneys healthy.

Kalthi is also a panacea for stones, for this, a spoonful of turmeric mixed with a glass of water and consumed will break down the stones within a few days.
According to Ayurveda, Kalathi will prove to be most effective for kidney and urinary tract stones.

If you get a sudden pain from stones, drink a glass of lemon water and the pain will be relieved within 20 minutes.
If you have a stone problem, get an x-ray done to check how many mm stones there are. So that it is easy to diagnose.

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